Fryer ETA Fritola 317290000 inox

SKU: ETA317290000
Efficient stainless-steel deep fryer with an enamel container, removable heating body, and fluent oil temperature regulation (150–190 °C).
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Technical parameters


Deep fryer

* Stainless-steel construction
* Smooth oil temperature regulation 150 - 190 °C
* Removable enamel container (2.5 L MIN; 3 L MAX)
* Adjustable basket
* Possibility of washing in a dishwasher (except the panel with a heating body)
* Heat isolated handles
* Removable lid
* Safety heat switch
* Non-slip feet ensuring stability
* Input 2000 W
* Light signalization of operation and achieving the temperature
* EASY CLEAN function (easy cleaning thanks to a removable heating body)
* RESET button
* Space for power cord storage
* Power cord length 1 m

Power consumption fryer: 2000 W
The maximum oil content: 3 l
Type of cooking: oil
Material container: enamel
Window in the lid: No
Display: without display
Timer: no
Light signalization: Yes
Temperature regulation: Yes
Draining oil: it does not
Container for storage of used oil: No
Removable washable parts: pannier, container, handle, cover
Quality mark dTest: No
Dual: No

Size of product:
Width: 53.5 cm
Height: 24.0 cm
Depth: 24.0 cm
Weight: 2.64 kg

Size of package:
Width: 44.5 cm
Height: 28.0 cm
Depth: 24.0 cm
Weight: 3.26 kg