Hand mixer ETA Lento 2051 90000 gray/white

SKU: ETA205190000
The 5in1 600W hand beater Lento kneads, whisks, mixes, chops and crushes. It is very quiet thanks to the innovative whisk design.
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Make your kitchen work easier with the Lento ETA 205190000 hand beater. The hand beater in a white-grey design is designed for maximum comfort and convenience in use. The accessories are made of first-class hygienically proven materials and the supplied protective case can be used for safe storage.

Easy beater operation
The ergonomic handle and low beater weight make it easy to handle the beater. The power cable length of 1.2 m is fitted with a swivel joint that protects the cable from damage. Food preparation will be a child’s play.

The powerful 600 W DC motor enables optimum use of 4 gears and has a maximum speed function. The beater operation is very quiet thanks to the innovative whisk design which always ensures perfect processing of raw materials and at the same time does not damage the surface of the container. After whipping, you can easily release the whiskers or hooks using the button. While working, you do not have to worry about overloading, the Lento beater is equipped with a safety fuse against overheating.

5 functions in one device
The Lento beater kneads dough, mixes potatoes and spinach, whips egg whites, mousses, creams, whipped cream, sponge mixes. It also mixes juices, milkshakes, milk, sauces, soups, mayonnaise, snacks and baby food. Lastly, it chops and crushes, making it ideal for fruit and vegetables, for sausage spreads, cheeses, coffee, poppy, nuts, dried herbs and spices. It is also suitable for preparing marinades, pesto, purees and dressings. It is also suitable for preparing marinades, pesto, purees and dressings.
Technical parameters


5in1 hand beater Lento

* Kneads (dough, mixes potatoes, spinach), whisks (egg whites, mousses, creams, whipped cream, sponge mixtures), mixes (juices, milkshakes, milk, sauces, soups, mayonnaise, snacks / baby food), chops, crushes - ideal for fruit, vegetables, meat and sausage spreads, cheese, coffee, poppy, nuts, dried herbs or spices, preparation of marinades, pesto, purees, dressings)
* High-power 600 W DC motor
* Ergonomic handle design for comfortable operation
* Four-stage speed control (725 - 1023 rpm) for optimum speed adjustment as needed
* Function "M" for maximum speed
* Button for easy whisk and hook release
* Safety overheating fuse
* Very fast assembly, simple operation and easy maintenance
* Modern and elegant design
* First-class hygienically proven materials
* Power cable length 1.2 m
* Very quiet

Extensive accessories:
* 2 kneading hooks (200 mm long)
* 2 long whisks with innovative design ensure perfect raw material processing, very quiet running and no damage of a container surface
* Removable stainless steel hand blender
* 500ml work container
* Whisk
* Food chopper
- 300ml plastic working container
- sharp sickle-shaped stainless steel knife
- gearless cutting system
- safety closing system
- non-slip rubber pad under the container
* Interconnecting adapter
* Lockable protective case for easy storage of accessories

Power consumption whisk: 600 W
Number of speed degrees: 4
Pulse switch: Yes
Features, accessories: molding, mixing, container (scoop), chopper, whisking
Quality mark dTest: No
Energy source: network

Size of product:
Width: 19.0 cm
Height: 15.0 cm
Depth: 8.0 cm
Weight: 1.76 kg

Size of package:
Width: 32.5 cm
Height: 23.0 cm
Depth: 17.0 cm
Weight: 2.25 kg