Hand mixer ETA Lento 3051 90000 black

SKU: ETA305190000
Quiet, light, and efficient hand mixer with three types of whisks, and a ceramic knife sharpener.
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With its black jacket, the popular ETA Lento hand blender acquires the stamp of mysterious elegance. However, the function for which it is so in demand will definitely not be hidden from you.

It is light and quiet, yet delivers stunning performance. These are due to a high-quality DC motor with a power input of 550 W and four-stage speed control for convenient setting of the optimal speed. There is also the "M" function, with which you can easily and quickly reach maximum speed.

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, it kneads and whisks, and also sharpens knives.

What? Does it even sharp knives?
Yes, that´s right - you can now simply attach the practical knife sharpener, which is included, to the body of the ETA Lento beater. The ceramic material ensures high efficiency and fine grinding results for stainless steel and steel knives, including the more expensive ones made of hardened steel.

The operation of the knife sharpener is quiet and without unwanted vibrations. In addition, its operation is very simple. The design of the knife sharpener automatically guides you to place the knife at the right angle - a constant pressure is exerted on its blade.

Light as a feather
You will enjoy working with the Lento hand mixer. The ergonomic shape of the handle and the very low weight of the entire appliance will make your handling more pleasant. Due to its strength, its operation is surprisingly quiet.

In addition to the knife sharpener, it is equipped with two kneading hooks, a balloon whisk and two long whisks with an innovated design. This ensures perfect processing of raw materials without damaging the surface of the container.

Replacing the attachments is just as easy - you can easily release them at the touch of a button. Safe operation is then ensured by an overheating fuse.
Technical parameters


Hand mixer Lento

* Kneading (doughs, stirs the potatoes, spinach), whipping (egg whites, mousses, cremes, whipped cream, sponge/rubbed dough), and sharpening of steel knifes and choppers, including the ones from hardened steel and stainless steel
* Very efficient one-way DC motor with the input of 550 W
* Ergonomically shaped handle for comfortable operation
* Four-level speed regulation (range 725 – 1023 revolutions/minute) enables optimal setting
* Function "M" for maximum speed
* Button for easy release of whisks and hooks
* Overheating safety fuse
* Very quick assembly, simple control, and easy maintenance
* Modern and elegant design
* First-class hygienically tested materials
* Power cord length 1.2 m
* Very quiet operation

Wide range of accessories:
* 2 kneading hooks (length 200 mm)
* 2 long whisks with innovated construction enable perfect ingredient processing, very quiet operation, and they don´t damage the container´s surface
* Whisk (balloon)
* Knife sharpener

Power consumption whisk: 550 W
Number of speed degrees: 4
Pulse switch: Yes
Features, accessories: molding, whisking
Quality mark dTest: No
Energy source: network

Size of product:
Width: 19.0 cm
Height: 15.0 cm
Depth: 8.0 cm
Weight: 1.29 kg

Size of package:
Width: 23.0 cm
Height: 12.0 cm
Depth: 25.0 cm
Weight: 1.62 kg