Humidifier ETA Azzuro 0626 90000 white

SKU: ETA062690000
Ultrasonic humidifier ETA Azzuro with fully automatic humidity, temperature or cool steam regulation, running time up to 30 hours and aroma tank.
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A happy home manager
An ultrasonic air humidifier ETA Azzuro is a priceless helper for comfortable home atmosphere, where you are happy to take a deep breath. It´s useful primarily during seasons when you need to heat rooms up. However, it can be used anytime. The air humidifier ETA Azzuro is able to measure a relative humidity level in the air and automatically stops its operation after it reaches the set level of humidity.

You can select from 3 steaming levels, which also influence the input of the appliance. While using the lowest steaming level, the input is not higher than 25 W so that the operation is very efficient. The air humidifier features a warm steam production function thanks to which humidifying will be more comfortable during the winter season.

The air humidifier ETA Azzuro is designed to be used in rooms up to 50 m2. A rotary steam output and ultrasonic technology ensure distribution of steam into all directions. Natural air circulation will then take care of thorough distribution of humidity in a room. An initial protective filter is included as well.
Optimal air humidity is not all it offers – ETA Azzuro features a ionizer, which improves quality of the air. Moreover, it can inform you about room temperature.

Quiet all the time
Operation of air humidifier ETA Azzuro is very quiet. A sleep mode enables you to switch off light signalization. Thus, you can breathe quality air at night as well and so improve quality of your sleep.
You don´t need to worry that the air humidifier runs out of water. Its continuous running time is up to 30 hours, thanks to a water tank of 7.6 l capacity. Furthermore, it automatically switches off when there is no water left.

However, if you want to switch the humidifier off at a certain time, there is no need to hypnotize a clock all the time. You can just easily set a timer from 1 to 12 hours and Azzuro will stick to your schedule.

Appeal to your senses
The right fragrance brightens your mood. In combination with essential oils, you can create an efficient aroma diffuser from your humidifier. It pleasantly scents your home with your favourite fragrance.

You will love its touch control – just use your fingers and familiarize with large LCD display. A water tank can be refilled easily as well thanks to a useful handle. Non-slip feet then ensure stability.
Technical parameters


Ultrasonic Humidifier

* Ultrasonic spray technology guarantees efficient humidifying and very quiet operation
* Warm or cool steam function
* Automatic humidity
* Thermometer function measuring a room temperature
* Electronic current air humidity meter
* Maximal tank capacity guarantee up to 30 hours of non-stop operation
* Ionizer (improve the air quality)
* Designed to humidify the air in rooms up to 50 m2
* Can be used in combination with essential oils thanks to a removable aroma tank
* Large, trasnparent 7.6 l water tank
* Timer from 1 to 12 hours of operation
* 3 steam levels for optimal humidifying
* Automatic shut-off when empty
* Rotary steam output
* Sleep mode - light indicators switching off
* Handle for easy manipulation
* Touch control
* LED display
* Humidifying effectiveness max 400 ml/h
* Very quiet operation
* Light and sound operation indicators
* Easy tank filling
* Initial protective filter
* Non-slip legs ensure stability on a work surface
* Power cord length 1,5 m
* Input 25 W / 115 W

Ultrasonic system: Yes
Recommended room space: 125 m3
Ionization: Yes
Maximum water consumption: 0,4 l/hr
Tank volume (water): 7,6 l
Opening hours: 30 hrs
Power: 115 W
Moisture regulation: Yes
Display: LCD
Number of power levels: 3
Mobile humidifier (wheels): No
Aromatherapy: Yes
Removable water tank: Yes
Timer: Yes
Smart: No

Size of product:
Width: 26.0 cm
Height: 40.5 cm
Depth: 15.5 cm
Weight: 2.71 kg

Size of package:
Width: 31.5 cm
Height: 45.5 cm
Depth: 24.0 cm
Weight: 3.77 kg