Humidifier ETA Moisty Smart 2629 0000 white

SKU: ETA262990000
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Technical parameters

Ultrasonic system: Yes
Recommended room space: 40 m3
Ionization: No
Maximum water consumption: 0,3 l/hr
Tank volume (water): 5 l
Opening hours: 30 hrs
Power: 25 W
Moisture regulation: Yes
Display: yes
Number of power levels: 3
Mobile humidifier (wheels): No
Aromatherapy: Yes
Removable water tank: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 20.5 cm
Height: 30.0 cm
Depth: 20.5 cm
Weight: 1.18 kg

Size of package:
Width: 24.8 cm
Height: 34.0 cm
Depth: 23.9 cm
Weight: 1.67 kg