Iron ETA SuperSteam 2275 90000 white/golden

SKU: ETA227590000
Highly efficient steam iron Supersteam with input of 3000 W for, steam shock function with max 200 g per minute and ptional dry ironing.
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A unique steam iron
A steam iron ETA SuperSteam belongs amongst the most powerful irons. Thanks to the 3000 W input, the iron preheats quickly to the desired temperature, so that you can start to use it immediately. Moreover, it has more efficient steam production with minimal temperature change while ironing.

The iron features modern and elegant design with ergonomically shaped handle, thanks to which ironing will be funnier than ever before. It is possible to use the iron on dry ironing as well, as the steam function can be switched off. The iron is equipped with an extra long power cord (2.5 m) with a joint, which protects the power cord from damage. After you finish, you can just easily wind the cable around the back of the iron and place it safely in a storage position on a stand.

The iron ETA SuperSteam features integrated touch sensor in the handle, which activates the steam production every time you take the handle. You can easily control the iron thanks to buttons and a large LCD display, which displays set functions of the steam iron.

Maximal shot of steam
Blast away extra-stubborn wrinkles with the shot of steam. An integrated pump enables perfect and thorough steaming with a steam output of 50 g/min. This function is perfect to be used for vertical steaming, which takes care of your clothes with no need of touching a soleplate. The shot of steam function can increase the steam output up to 200 g/min.

The iron ETA SuperSteam also features a drip stop function, which prevents spitting and leaking when the iron is on a low temperature. You can enjoy comfortable ironing thanks to a tank of 450 ml capacity, which ensure that you don´t need to add water all the time.

A must-have steam iron

The iron ETA SuperSteam has a special aluminium soleplate with Eloxium premium coating, which provides the iron with the best features. Primarily, immediate thermal conductivity, optimal thermal distribution all over the soleplate, non-stick but slithery surface and scratch-resistance.
Furthermore, you can count on many functions which makes ironing easier for you and prolong the lifetime of the iron. One of many functions is self-cleaning ANTI CALC function, which collects scale and prevents it from deposition in the iron. SELF CLEAN function is designed for thorough cleaning of the iron´s inside construction

Do you have clothes which easily crumples? Then, you surely appreciate a sprinkle function, which takes care of all wrinkles. The iron also features AUTO-SHUT OFF system, which assesses position of the iron and automatically disconnects it from electric input in case of longer inactivity or overturning. All these features protect your home from fire and saves the electric energy for you. Sound signalization notifies you when the function activates.

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Technical parameters


Steam Iron ETA 2275 Super Steam

* Soleplate Eloxium premium - a unique aluminium soleplate made from controlled alluminium oxidation feature high heat conductivity, optimal heat distribution over a soleplate, slippery non-adhesive soleplate and high scratching resistance
* INPUT 3000 W - this sufficient input ensures that temperature very quickly reaches its working level, it also ensures more efficient steam production and minimizes temperature fluctuation while ironing
* WATER TANK CAPACITY 450 ml - guarantees balanced proportion between sufficient amount of water and iron weight for comfortable ironing
* Optional TEMPERATURE and STEAM - thanks to a smooth temperature regulation and optional steam intensity, it is possible to iron many types of fabrics according to their current condition
* Steam shock 200 g/min.
* Optional steam outcome 0 - 50 g/min.
* Integrated operation pump for perfect and steady steaming

Various functions:
* AUTO - SHUT OFF safety electronics - assesses the iron position and ensures its automatic shut off from network in case of overturn or longer period of inactivity; hens it helps to prevent fire and to save energy
* DRIP STOP prevents an unwanted water drip from sole plate, thereby it protects soft and fine fabrics from damaging
* ANTI CALC prevents limescale production, thereby prolongs lifetime of the iron
* SELF CLEAN system for easy and complex iron´s inside construction cleaning
* WATER SPRAY to remove wrinkles easier
* VERTICAL STEAM for vertical steaming with no need to touch the fabric with soleplate (p.e. clothes, curtains)
* Touch sensor integrated into a handle for even more comfartable ironing
* Power cord lenght 2.5 m
* Ability to be used as dry iron, thanks to the optional steaming switching off
* Quick and easy water filling thanks to a practical filling hole and funnel
* Light indicators of Stand-By status, operation, temerature reach and Shut-off
* Colorful LCD display shows individual iron functions and temperature setting
* Integrated space for comfortable iron placing
* A groove on a soleplate enables easy ironing along buttons
* Comfortable manipulation - thanks to an ergonomically shaped handle
* Possibility to wind a power cord on an iron for practical storage
* Pivoting cable extension for easy manipulation
* Modern and elegant design
* Low weight 1.35 kg
* Accessories: funnel for comfortable water filling

Obecné informace:
Type irons: steaming with cable
Power: 3000 W
Ironing area: Eloxium
The volume of the reservoir (water): 450 ml

Steam boost: 200 g/min
Variable steam up to: 50 g/min

The anti-drip: Yes
Vertical steaming: Yes
Self-cleaning: Yes
Descaling: Yes
Sprinkler function: Yes
Safety shutdown: Yes
Information display: Yes

Length of cable: 2,5 m
Quality mark dTest: No

Size of product:
Width: 30.5 cm
Height: 15.5 cm
Depth: 13.0 cm
Weight: 1.59 kg

Size of package:
Width: 16.0 cm
Height: 20.0 cm
Depth: 33.0 cm
Weight: 1.94 kg