Microwave ETA 1208 90000 white

SKU: ETA120890000
Microwave oven with 20 liters capacity. Easy control, display and 8 optional programmes with pre-set microwave power, including the time of cooking.
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Microwave oven with simple control. Digital display inform on all important issues. It features 5 levels of microwave power and 2 defrost modes. Further accessories include 8 selectable programs with automatic setting of microwave power and cooking time. Microwave power is 700 W, inner volume 20 l.

Technical parameters


Microwave oven

* Microwave oven with digital control
* Easy to read display with time
* Electronic control provides the possibility of accurate setting of cooking time
* Microwave power 700 W
* Internal volume 20 l
* Internal dimensions of the oven 306 x 306 x 208 mm
* Input 1200 W
* Acoustic noise level < 59 dB

- defrost function (due to weight, due to time)
- reheat function
- cooking

Other features and specifications
* 5 microwave power levels, 2 defrost regimes
* 8 optional programs with automatic set of microwave power and heating time (e.g. programs for vegetable, fish, meat, pasta etc.)
* Even micro wave spread system
* Child safety lock against accidental switch-on
* Turnable glass plate with diameter of 255 mm
* Safety system ensuring automatic switch-off while opening the door
* Timer adjustable up to 95 min
* Interior illumination for easy control of heating process
* Sound signalization of setting up and finish of heating process
* Door handle opening

General information:
Type: freestanding
Internal volume: 20 l

Microwave power:
Microwave power: 700 W
Power hot air: 0 W
Grill power: 0 W
Number of levels of performance: 5

Grill: No
No grill: Yes
Steam cooking: No
Baking bread: No
Convection: No
Display: digital
Crisp system: No
Defrosting: Yes

Diameter of revolving plate: 25,5 cm
Material of interior space: lacquered
Antibacterial inner space: No
Control: mechanical-buttonhole
Clock: Yes
Opening the door: classic
Noise: 59 dB
Number of programs: 3
List of programs: rozmrazování dle hmotnosti/času, vaření ve více etapách, časovač
Turntable: Yes
Without turntable: No
Retro: No
Height from: 26 cm
Width: 44 cm
Depth: 35 cm
Quality mark dTest: No

Extended brand warranty: Yes
Color: white

Size of product:
Width: 44.0 cm
Height: 26.0 cm
Depth: 35.0 cm
Weight: 10.08 kg

Size of package:
Width: 48.5 cm
Height: 29.0 cm
Depth: 37.5 cm
Weight: 11.22 kg