Pot with the lid ETA Titanium Plus 6954 90000, 6,3 l

SKU: ETA695490000
A massive pan of 28 cm diameter with non-adhesive titanium coating and a convenient glass lid for stewing. Compatible with all stove tops and oven.
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The ETA "Titanium +" ware is combination of high-quality material, pleasant design and due to special properties you will cook with it healthy, quickly and cheaply.

Non-adhesive surface with titan addition enables health cooking without fats. Due to the exceptional thermal conductivity of the titan set you will save time and money. Ware pieces of various sizes can be used with covers in oven and you can use them for boiling, baking and frying. The ware handles are thermally insulated and thus safe. Unique heat treatment of the titan set does not absorb smells.

It can be used to all available heat sources, even for induction heating.

ETA pot features height of 13 cm, volume of 6.3 l and diameter 28 cm.
Technical parameters


ETA induction soup pot (titanium)

* Czech quality cookware suitable for induction heating
* Diameter: 28 cm
* Height: 13 cm
* Capacity: 3,6 l
* Exceptional thermal conductivity saves your time, energy and money
* Quick and healthy preparation of meals with possibility of cooking without fat
* Quality non-stick surface with the addition of titanium
* Easily washable surface
* Modern and elegant design for every kitchen
* Universal use – acceptable heating source: gas, elektricity, ceramic-glass, induction cooker
* Both the container and the lid can be used in oven (up to 220 °C)
* Due to the unique surface, odours are never absorbed – this allows you to cook, bake and fry in one pot
* Heat insulated handles for safe operation and easy handling
* Special shape of pot-lid with steam removal guarantees quick and healthy cooking (preservation of nutrients)
* Lid included
* Long life

1) TOP IN LAYER – special adhesive layer for long-lasting nonadhesive characteristics, prevents adhesion of food and allows healthy cooking without fats, simple and fast cleaning.
2) MID IN LAYER – mid-layer containing titan for higher resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.
3) BASE IN LAYER – sealing layer containing corosion-resistant materials, which prevents peeling of the surface.
4) JETTED CORUNDUM COATING for better anchoring of the surface layers.
5) TITAN IN LAYER – layer containing TiO2, improving the mechanical resistance of the surface.
6) UTENSIL CORPUS – made of special ALUTOP alloy, which is alloyed with copper (Cu), used for its excellent heat characteristics – excellent heat conductivity and retention in comparison with standard materials. THICKENED BOTTOM (8-10 mm) - save time, energy and money.
7) NiTi LAYER – dilatation interlayer NiTi applied with plasma method. This layer is to balance out the strain between the corpus of the dish and the ferrite layer allowing cooking on induction cooker (only with induction models).
8) ALFA FERIT – ferrite layer applied with an electric arc ensures the maximum possible speed of heating and optimal reaction speed to changes of setting of the cooker (only with induction model).
9) BASE OUT LAYER – sealing layer containing corrosion-resistant materials, excellent resistance to corrosion and peeling of surface, higher resistance to abrasion and scratching of utensils when storing.
10) TOP OUT LAYER – inorganic layer based on the SOL-GEL system, long-lasting nonadhesive characteristics, excellent abrasion resistance, very easy maintenance and cleaning.

Volume: 5 l and more
Lid: Yes
Dish-washing: No
Outer surface: titanium
Inner surface: non-stick surface
Type of heating: electric, induction, ceramics, gas, oven
Pot diameter: 28 cm

Size of product:
Width: 43.5 cm
Height: 21.5 cm
Depth: 29.0 cm
Weight: 3.40 kg

Size of package:
Width: 41.0 cm
Height: 15.0 cm
Depth: 29.5 cm
Weight: 3.72 kg