Additional machines ETA přídavné strojky 0029 92000 white

SKU: ETA002992000
Accessories for a food processor ETA Centrino 0029 92000 includes a meat grinder, poppy grinder and fruit press.
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Make your powerful food processor perfect and fit it with rich accessories 3 in 1.

The packing contains:
- Meat mincer
- Fruit press
- Poppy seed grinder

Simple assembly and easy maintenance with possible washing in a dish washer will multiply you joy from pleasant use.
Technical parameters


Supplementary devices to the ETA 0029 Centrino food processor

* Meat mincer enables mincing of all types of meats and fishes (hard mincing blade and plates, mincing plates of two sizes)
* Powerful fruit press with stainless press screen enables pressing of juice from soft berries (incl. currant) and citrus fruit
* Poppy seed grinder very quick and high-quality processing of the poppy seed (with possible stepless grain size adjustment)
* Easy maintenance, possible washing in dish washer
* Simple and quick assembly
* High operation safety

Accessory type: meat grinder

Size of product:
Width: 22.0 cm
Height: 32.5 cm
Depth: 23.0 cm
Weight: 1.64 kg

Size of package:
Width: 45.0 cm
Height: 26.5 cm
Depth: 24.5 cm
Weight: 2.94 kg