Adv. to robots - spiralizer ETA Gratus 0028 95060 white

SKU: ETA002895060
Spiralizer for food processors ETA for the preparation of vegetable, fruit, and decorative spirals. Suitable also for the preparation of RAW vegetable spaghetti, and potato spirals.
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Technical parameters


* Accessory for food processor Gratus (ETA 0028/0038), Gratussino (ETA 0023), Gustus (ETA 0128/1128), Meno/Mezo (ETA 0030/0033/0034) and meat mincer Ambo ETA 2075
* Determined for decorative spiral preparation, that changes fruit and vegetable into delicacy
* Practical helper for the RAW food preparation – vegetable noodles and spaghetti of spiral shape
* For food processing of maximum diameter 42 mm

* Quality stainless steel knives
* Easy maintenance of the attachments thanks to removable knives
* Very quick and simple preparation


* Narrow spirals attachment (2 x 4 mm)
* Wide spirals attachment (2 x 5.3 mm)
* Flat spirals attachment (2.3 x 40 mm)

Accessory type: other

Size of product:
Width: 24.5 cm
Height: 8.5 cm
Depth: 8.5 cm
Weight: 0.62 kg

Size of package:
Width: 11.0 cm
Height: 26.0 cm
Depth: 10.0 cm
Weight: 0.82 kg