Air cleaner ETA Frisk 5569 90000 white

SKU: ETA556990000
Air purifier with a humidifier ETA Frisk with highly efficient HEPA filter 12, ionization, and the option of aromatherapy. Choice between automatic mode and 4 fan speed.
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Very efficient air purifier and humidifier ETA Frisk with the input of 68 W will relieve all allergy sufferers but also pet owners. High performance is accompanied by very efficient triple filtration. Nylon pre-filter captures the largest dirt, like pet hair or dust. A carbon filter will remove kitchen smells or cigarette smoke. Quality HEPA filter No. 12 is able to capture even the smallest particles, pollen, mites, but also allergens and viruses, and ensures up to 99,9 % of filtration efficiency.

Healthier breathing
In the case of adding water, the air purifier works as an air humidifier. Dry air does not benefit you or your furniture. In a low humidity environment, viruses and bacteria also thrive much more. Very dry air can also be responsible for dry eyes and usually amplify sleeping problems.

The air purifier and humidifier ETA Frisk will remove the dry air! The humidity between 40–60 % minimizes health issues, that are caused by the dry air. In addition, ETA Frisk can humidify air for up to 24 hours without the need for water refilling.

Clean air as in nature and at home
You can enjoy the atmosphere of nature also at home. The ETA Frisk air purifier has a built-in ionizer function, which produces negative ions and active oxygen. Ionization helps to better clean the air, as negative ions bind even very small particles, such as pollen or smoke. This creates larger particles, which the air purifier catches much better. In nature we can feel the highest concentration of negative ions after a storm, in caves or in the mountains.

Thanks to the essential aroma oils, you can conjure a relaxing atmosphere at home exactly according to your mood. A removable aroma container will help you with that, just add a few drops of the essential oil.

The option is yours
In addition to many functions, you can also choose from 4 fan speeds or select AUTO mode. The automatic mode automatically detects the air quality in the room and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. You can also set the air purifier to sleep mode. This ensures very quiet operation and switching off the light signalization. So you don't have to be disturbed during sleep.

ETA Frisk also has a built-in light sensor that monitors the light intensity in the closest surroundings. If the cleaner is on AUTO mode, it will automatically switch to sleep mode after the nightfall. As soon as it dawns, it switches back to normal mode.

The cleaning in the living room is useful during the day, but at night would you rather use it in the bedroom? With a coverage of up to 45 m2, you can use the air purifier almost everywhere. For even more convenient operation, undoubtedly use the timer function. Be sure to use the timer function for even more convenient operation. You can set it for up to 8 hours, then the device will shut itself off.

Clean and clear
Thanks to the well-visible light signalization, you will always have an overview of everything. On the device you will find both operation lights and an indicator signaling the level of air pollution. The air purity is automatically checked by a pollution sensor.

A removable 1.9 L container is available for the humidification function. And with a 1.9 m long power cable, you can connect the purifier almost everywhere.
Technical parameters


Air purifier and humidification 6 in 1

* Suitable for homes with increased air pollution, for allergy sufferers and for homes with pets
* Quality filtration thanks to 3 filters: HEPA filter No. 12, carbon filter capturing odours, and nylon pre-filter
* Ionization - production of negative ionts, and active oxygen
* Humidification function
* Thanks to removable aroma container can be used in combination with essential oils
* 4 levels of fan speed + AUTO mode
* Covers about 35-45 m2
* Air flow max. 280 m3/hours
* Timer 1.4, and 8 hours
* Automatic control of air quality through pollution sensors
* Light signalisation indicates level of air pollution and operation

* Change of filter signalization
* Sleep mode with very low noise + shut-off
* Very quiet operation
* Handles for easy manipulation

* Child lock

* Lifetime about: HEPA filter 2.500 hours, carbon filter 2500 hours
* Humidifying power about 0.15 l / h
* Humidification without the need to fill water for up to 24 hours
* Removable container 1.9 L
* Input 68 W
* Product dimensions: 36 x 21 x 53 cm
* Declared acoustic noise level 36-55 dB(A)
* Power cord length 1.9 m

Air power: 280 m3/h
Cleaning the area: 45 m2
Maximum noise level: 55 dB
Power: 68 W
Indicator of filter condition: Yes
Filter: HEPA filter, Washable, Carbon filter
Function: Humidifier, Air quality sensor, Night mode, Air ionization, Child lock, Timer
Height: up to 60 cm (including)
Smart: No

Size of product:
Width: 36.0 cm
Height: 53.0 cm
Depth: 21.5 cm
Weight: 6.80 kg

Size of package:
Width: 43.0 cm
Height: 27.0 cm
Depth: 61.4 cm
Weight: 8.50 kg