Air cleaner ETA Puris 3569 90000 white

SKU: ETA356990000
Air Purifier ETA Puris cleans up to 80 square meters with an excellent filtration rate (up to 99.97% efficiency) and ionisation function.
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Suitable both for people with allergies and households owning pets

A powerful air purifier ETA Puris with 46.2 W input is suitable for households where there is high level of air pollution, for households owning pets or for people with allergies. It has a great filtration efficiency up to 99.97 % including smells and pet hair capturing. The air purifier reaches such remarkable results thanks to the highly efficient HEPA filter combined with carbon filter and nylon net pre-filter.
The air purifier Puris is equipped with an optional ioniser, which creates negative ions. The ionization helps cleaning air. Thanks to a pollution sensor, the air purifier automatically controls and assasses the air pollution and adjust the settings accordingly.

Everyday threat

Puris captures small particles, dust, pollens and destroys bacteria and different kinds of viruses, which are all around us 24 hours a day. It covers a space up to 80 m2.

Let it run overnight

Purify the air while you sleep with a SLEEP mode. This mode provides the lowest noise level and all lights are turned off.

Easy setting

You can choose from 4 fan speeds and an AUTO mode. The maximal airflow is 400 m3/hours. A timer enables you to set 2, 4 or 8 hours of running, after the time is up, the air purifier shuts off automatically.

A convenient LED display informs you about operation and air pollution level, thanks to the automatic air pollution control. Furthermore, a light signalisation notifies you to replace a filter.

To control the air purifier, you don´t even have to get up from a sofa where you play with your children, for example, just use a remote control.

Relocation quickly and easily

Thanks to the dimensions (43.5 x 27 x 61 cm) and convenient handles for easy manipulation, you can move the purifier anytime without any problems.

Long lifetime of the filters

Quality filters have a long lifetime. The HEPA filter endures for about 3000 hours, the carbon filter endures about 3500 hours and the pre-filter handles about 4000 hours of operation

We care about your children

Safety being a priority to us, the air purifier Puris is equipped with a children safety lock and a safety lock in case you don´t place a lid on the purifier.

Technical parameters


Air Purifier

* Suitable for homes with increased air pollution, for allergy sufferers and for homes with pets
* Excellent filtration efficiency (up to 99.97%), incl. absorption of odours and capturing of animal hair
* High performance HEPA filter in combination with the carbon filter and nylon pre-filter
* Remove small particles, odors, pollens, destroy bacteria and various types of viruses
* Ionization function - production of negative ions and active oxygen function
* 4 levels of fan speed + AUTO mode
* Covers up to 80 m2
* Airflow max 400 m3/h
* Timer from 2.4 to 8 hours
* Highly efficient and silent DC fan motor
* Automatic control of air quality through pollution sensors
* User friendly operation thanks to a remote control
* LED display
* Light signalization indicates level of air pollution and operation
* Filters replacement indication
* Safety fuse in case the cover is not mounted properly
* Sleep mode with very low noise level
* Very quiet operation
* Handles for easy carrying
* Child safety lock
* Service life: HEPA filter approx. 3,000 hrs., carbon filter 3,500 hrs., pre-filter 4,000 hrs.
* Input 46.2 W
* Product dimensions: 43.5 x 27 x 61 cm
* Acoustic noise level 39-64 dB(A)
* Power cord length 1.8 m

Air power: 400 m3/h
Cleaning the area: 80 m2
Maximum noise level: 64 dB
Power: 46,2 W
Indicator of filter condition: Yes
Filter: HEPA filter, Carbon filter
Function: Automatic overhead, Air quality sensor, Night mode, Display, Air ionization, Remote control, Child lock, Timer
Height: over 60 cm

Size of product:
Width: 40.0 cm
Height: 61.0 cm
Depth: 26.0 cm
Weight: 9.45 kg

Size of package:
Width: 50.5 cm
Height: 68.0 cm
Depth: 33.5 cm
Weight: 11.69 kg