Blender ETA Vital Blend Mini 2100 90000 black/green

SKU: ETA210090000
Vital Blend MINI is a real strong device! 28,000 rpm and 1500 W. Perfectly smooth vitamin smoothie in a few seconds.
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Vital Blend MINI will become your great training partner.
Perfectly blends a variety of ingredients. The result will be a smooth smoothie full of vitamins and fibre. For real athletes it can blend great protein drinks. With such energy, you will achieve the best results.

ETA's Vital Blend Mini is not just a high-speed table blender but a multifunctional assistant that mixes, blends, cuts, crushes ice, helps with the preparation of ice cream, spreads, hazelnut butter and is specifically a specialist in fruit and vegetable smoothies - healthy drinks so popular today. It is also great for preparing RAW food.

With its high speed of up to 28,000 rpm and a high power of 1,500 W, it blends perfectly smoothly even hard raw materials such as beetroot or peanut in seconds. Due to the short mixing time, the Vital Blend Mini is great for preparing RAW food. The special six-arm blade with a BlendeX stainless steel blade is able to spin at an incredible speed of 420 km/h. It's a real formula among kitchen appliances. You control the speed yourself with the control wheel. Of course there is also a pulse switch.

Simple and safe to use
A large 2-litre container is made of highly durable Tritan - a safe material (BPA free) that was originally developed for medical purposes. It does not absorb odours of flavours of food.

The sealing lid ensures that all raw materials remain inside, and the removable measuring cup makes it possible to add ingredients even during mixing. Compared to conventional table blenders, the Vital Blend Mini is equipped with a handy rammer which allows the ingredients to be pressed against the knife to perfectly and evenly blend them.
Cleaning is really simple - just fill the container with water and detergent, start it and rinse. In addition, the stainless steel knife is removable so that no ingredients get stuck under it.

For anyone who wants to live healthy
The Vital Blend Mini will find a place in every home, but it will be especially appreciated by those who live an active life and are not indifferent to their health. Thanks to the extreme amount of revolutions it mixes fruit and vegetables so that the body is much better able to absorb fibre, chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants which are only released by the process of this mechanical (high-speed) mixing. The Vital Blend Mini can handle the so-called hard fibre which contains tops of root vegetables that are normally inedible and contain a large amount of nutrients. Unlike the juicer, it also processes the skins and cores of some fruit which are also very nutrient-rich.

Mixes more than just fruit and vegetables
The Vital Blend MINI is great for preparing fine vegetable milk (made, for example, of oatmeal, nuts or coconut, almonds or rice). This is especially useful for people who have lactose intolerance or milk protein allergy and cannot drink milk of animal origin. Baby food is a commonplace.

You can enjoy a quick dose of energy in the form of a fruit or vegetable smoothie, enriched with protein powder, nuts, young barley, chia seeds or oatmeal before any physical activity. Have them for breakfast or a snack. They will fill you well. With the Vital Blend MINI, you can also prepare liquid pastry for pancakes or waffles in a few moments. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail or creamy ice cream in the evening. The Vital Blend Mini will not be idle in any household. Just be careful, its use is strongly addictive!

The packaging includes a book called zdRAWě? hRAWě! full of inspiration and recipes.
Technical parameters


Multupurpose blender Vital Blend

* High-speed blender cuts and mixes the ingredients to very soft consistency
* It mixes, cuts, grinds, stirs - perfect for preparation of drinks, cocktails, smoothies, sauces, soups, spreads, ice creams and snacks for children.
* Perfect for RAW food preparation
* Suitable for warm food, as well as for ice and ice cream
* Smooth regulation of speed in the range of 15000 to 28000 per minute and PULSE function
* Stainless knife with BlendeX technology
* Jar capacity 2 litres
* Jar made of durable and tough Tritan, BPA free
* The lid with a removable cover and funnel for adding of liquids during the mixing
* Food pusher
* Easy jar removal by lifting
* Ergonomic soft grip handle
* Missing jar safety fuse
* Overheating protection
* Non-slip feet ensuring stability
* Input 1500 W
* Acoustic noise level of 80 dB(A) re 1pW

Power consumption mixer: 1500 W
The volume of the main container: 2 l
Infinitely variable: Yes
Pulse switch: Yes
Material blender jar: Tritan
Features, accessories: crushes ice, mixing, mixing hot ingredients
Energy source: network

Size of product:
Width: 20.5 cm
Height: 51.5 cm
Depth: 27.5 cm
Weight: 4.30 kg

Size of package:
Width: 39.5 cm
Height: 33.5 cm
Depth: 23.5 cm
Weight: 5.32 kg