Citrus Press Juicer ETA Orangino 2033 90000 gray/white

SKU: ETA203390000
Citrus juicer ETA Orangino extracts juice quickly and efficiently and preserves 100% of vitamins for refreshing and healthy drinks.
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Prepare refreshing and healthy drinks every morning with the help of the ETA Orangino citrus juicer which keeps 100% of all vitamins and extracts juice quickly and in high quality. Provide you and your children an increased supply of vitamins and other important substances, not only during the flu season.

You can choose from 2 sizes of squeezing mandrels - a small one is suitable for lemons and limes, a larger one for oranges, grapefruits, etc. Safe operation during extracting juice is ensured by a contact system with automatic shut-off and anti-slip feet for increased stability. With the DripStop function, which prevents juice dripping, you do not have to worry about unwanted contamination of the work area. The filter screen is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean. Parts can be washed in the dishwasher, maintenance of the ETA Orangino citrus juicer is easy and hygienic.
Technical parameters


Citrus juicer

* Fast and quality juice extracting
* 100% vitamin preservation for refreshing and healthy drinks
* First-class hygienic proven materials
* 2 sizes of a squeezing mandrel that can be easily and quickly replaced (a small one for lemons, limes, a larger one for oranges, grapefruits ...)
* Container with closable spout (approx. 0.3 l capacity)
* Stainless steel filter screen
* Cover for covering the appliance
* Contact system with automatic shut-off
* Safe operation
* Anti-slip feet for increased stability during operation
* A possibility of washing individual parts in a dishwasher makes the maintenance easier
* Practical and efficient helper
* Simple and quick assembly
* Easy and hygienic maintenance
* Power cable length 0.8 m
* Power input 60 W

Adjust juice density: No
Volume: 300 ml
Two-way operation: Yes
Power consumption of citrus press: 60 W
Lid: Yes
Execution: plastic

Size of product:
Width: 17.5 cm
Height: 26.0 cm
Depth: 18.0 cm
Weight: 1.17 kg

Size of package:
Width: 19.5 cm
Height: 28.0 cm
Depth: 17.0 cm
Weight: 1.42 kg