Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ETA 342390000 black/green

SKU: ETA342390000
Small, light and powerful ETA Verto II vacuum cleaner with high-quality HEPA filter, 11.1V Li-Ion battery, and running time up to 20 minutes.
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Handy home and travel assistant
The ETA Verto II bagless handheld vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming easy for you. It is very light and has a simple and comfortable control for convenient handling. Due to its small size, it is easy to work with and its storage is not space-demanding.
It is very practical to travel with in terms of size and weight. You can take it with you to the cottage or to a camp site. You will certainly use it in a car where you cannot use a classic vacuum cleaner. So you can always carry it with you and keep it at hand.

High-quality and powerful
The vacuum cleaner has a 400ml dust container and a high-quality HEPA filter to deliver quality results. With cordless operation, the vacuum cleaner can work for up to 20 minutes thanks to a 11.1V Li-Ion battery. It has a light indicator to inform you of charging and operating status.

Extensive accessories
Together with the vacuum cleaner, you will get a crevice nozzle which is suitable for vacuuming narrow and hard-to-reach areas, as well as a brush with soft bristles for gentle vacuuming of dust and spiderwebs from furniture or paintings. The package also includes a wall-mounted charging base with an adapter for charging and practical storage of the vacuum cleaner.
Technical parameters


Handheld bagless vacuum cleaner

* Cordless operation thanks to a 11,1 V Li-Ion accumulator
* Modern and elegant design
* Charging via adapter
* Charging time aprox. 5 hours
* Adapter input 6 W
* Transparent dust container with 400 ml capacity
* Accumulator running time up to 20 minutes
* Quality HEPA filter
* Ergonomically shaped handle
* Light charging signalisation indicating the charged battery
* Compact size
* Light weight for easy manipulation
* Easy and comfortable manipulation

* Crevice nozzle – suitable for vacuuming narrow and hardly accessible spaces (radiator ribs, behind furniture, etc.)
* Brush with soft fibre bristles helps to clean places which demand gentle care (on the furniture, walls or pictures, ets.)
* Charging adapter 100-240 V (AC) / 14,5 V (DC)
* Wall bracket with a charging dock for easy storage

* HEPA filter ETA342300030
* Crevice nozzle with a brush ETA342300090

Energy source: cordless (Li-ion)
Vacuuming: dry
The operating time: 20 min

Size of product:
Width: 13.0 cm
Height: 41.0 cm
Depth: 14.0 cm
Weight: 1.12 kg

Size of package:
Width: 42.0 cm
Height: 16.0 cm
Depth: 15.0 cm
Weight: 1.52 kg