Espresso ETA Baricelo 7181 90000 inox

SKU: ETA718190000
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Technical parameters

General information:
Performance espresso: lever
Type: table
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Use of capsules: Capsules can not be used
Display: No

Cappuccino and Caffe Latte by one press: No
Adjusting coffee strength: No
Adjusting the amount of water: yes
Adjustable temperature of the coffee: No
Ground coffee: Yes
Using coffee beans: Yes
Water quantity indicator: Yes
Nozzle for hot water: Yes
Cleaning and descaling: yes
The steam nozzle: Yes
Milk dispenser: No
Heated cups: Yes
Grinder: Yes
Number of measuring baskets in the package: 4
Number of grinding setting stages: 30
Preparation of two cups at the same time: Yes
Steam unit: not removable
Coffee grinder: built-in

The volume of the water tank: 2,8 l

Power consumption espresso: 1550 W
Removable water tank: Yes
Using a pod: No
Color: stainless steel
Quality mark dTest: No
Retro: No

Size of product:
Width: 33.0 cm
Height: 41.5 cm
Depth: 43.0 cm
Weight: 9.14 kg

Size of package:
Width: 40.0 cm
Height: 44.5 cm
Depth: 38.0 cm
Weight: 10.65 kg