Floor vacuum cleaner ETA Canto II 1492 90020 blue

SKU: ETA149290020
4 A+AAA* bag vacuum cleaner ETA Canto II claims highly efficient filtration thanks to the quality HEPA filter n. 13, 2 microfilters and dust bag.
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Vacuuming with no hard effort
Do you like tidiness? Do you want to tidy quickly and easily with no hard effort? The , vacuum cleaner ETA Canto II in dark blue design is the right choice for you. The vacuum cleaner of 700 W input with quiet operation and large capacity for the dust bag 4 l, which captures up to 4 l of dust and dirts, becomes an indispensable part of your household.

Great characteristics
ETA company has evaluated the vacuum cleaner with 4A* and equipped it with a quality HEPA filter no.13, which captures even the smallest micro particles. ECO motor with lower input saves energy and ensure high vacuuming efficiency. Ergonomically shaped handle guarantees comfortable manipulation. Radius of 11 m enables you to reach remote places with no need to switch power points.
Great advantages of this vacuum cleaner are undoubtedly an electronic regulation of the suction power and a LED panel, which shows setting of the suction power and indicates a full dust bag.

We care about your floors
Manipulation with the vacuum cleaner is very easy and convenient thanks to a 360° rotary wheel, which enables you to move into all directions. Softened wheels are gentle to smooth floors and thus prevent them from scratch and damage.

Efficient filtration
Rely on a perfect filtration level even of the smallest dust particles including pollen and mites. Besides the HEPA filter no.13 you get 2 pieces of microfilters – one of them is initial motor protective and the other one is exhaust filter.
A dust bag ANTIBACTERIAL is equipped with a special antibacterial layer which eliminates bacteria growth and prevents them from spreading. It contains an active charcoal, that neutralizes smells. It is equipped with a hygienic closing which prevents leak of the dirts. The dust bag has a strong resistance to humidity and tearing with sharp objects.

Wide range of accessories
Vacuum cleaner ETA Canto II Animal comes with a universal floor nozzle for comfortable vacuuming of hard floors and carpets. Parquet nozzle takes care of different types of hard floors such as parquets, floating floor, tiles, or linoleum.
You also get a telescopic hose of up to 90 cm length, cushion nozzle for careful vacuuming of soft textile surfaces such as upholstery or cushions, a crevice nozzle for vacuuming narrow and hardly accessible places, p.e. in radiators or behind furniture and a brush with soft bristles, which helps you to clean places which demand gentle care (on the furniture, walls or pictures, ets.)

The dust bag ETA ANTIBACTERIAL is included as well.

Safety first
We are concerned with a long lifetime of the vacuum cleaner and thus we equipped it with the overheating protection and with the protection against missing dust bag.

Parking spot
The bag vacuum cleaner may have its own parking spot as it is endowed with 2 available parking positions– vertical and horizontal. Thanks to a convenient handle, it is possible to easily carry the vacuum cleaner.

*ETA Vacuum cleaners´ evaluation
For 4A+AAA vacuum cleaners: The evaluation of ETA vacuum cleaners takes place in a testing room in Hlinsko, where they have been subjected to tests according to the strictest criteria for more than 50 years. It undergoes tests that test their performance in vacuuming carpets and hard floors, as well as filtration and noise levels. The resulting evaluation thus expresses the overall level of the ETA vacuum cleaner. Those that have succeeded in all four categories bear the 4A+AAA designation. This designation is the designation of the ETA company. This is not an energy label.
Technical parameters


Bag vacuum cleaner

* The vacuum cleaner has A+, A, A, A (hard floor class A+, carpet class A, filtering class A, noise level A)
* ECO motor with lower input for energy saving and with high vacuuming efficiency
* Highly efficient filtration thanks to the quality HEPA filter no. 13, two microfilters and a dust bag
* Ergonomically shaped handle
* Radius up to 11 m enables you to reach remote places with no need of switching power points
* A LED light panel works as suction power setting signalisation
* Electronic regulation for optimal suction power setting
* Full Full dust bag signalisation
* Space for storage of accessories (crevice nozzle and brush)
* Protection against motor overheating – actively protects motor from damage
* Safety fuse against missing dust bag
* Power cord length 8 m
* 360 ° rotary wheel for easy rotation into all directions
* Automatic power cord winding
* Softened wheels to protect hard floors (p.e. wooden, floating, PVC, vinyl, linoleum, marmoleum etc.)
* 2x storage position for floor nozzle
* Horizontal and vertical storage postition
* Handle for easy carrying
* Exhaust port on the upper part of the vacuum cleaner decrease dust whirling
* Suction hose connection hole on the upper part of the vaccuum cleaner for comfortable engaging/taking away
* Connection diameter for accessories 35 mm

* Voltage ~230 V
* Input 700 W
* Dust bag space capacity 4 l
* Claimed acoustic noise level 68 dB(A) re 1pW

* Quality HEPA filter (no. 13) captures even the smallest microparticles
* 2 pc. microfilter - 1x motor initial protective and 1x output
- A special antibacterial layer eliminated bacteria growth and prevents them from spreading
- Contains an active coal, which neutralizes unpleasant smell
- Equipped with hygienic closing which prevents vacuumed filth release and makes replacement easier
- Highly efficient filtration of even the smallest particles, incl. pollens, mites, etc.
- High humid resistance and tearing with sharp objects resistance
- Maximizes suction power time - up to 50 % longer life-time on the contrary to the common dust bags

* A universal floor nozzle (switch between hard floor or carpets vacuuming)
* Parquet nozzle for hard floors with horsehair, gentle to floors (p.e. parquets, floating, tiles, linoleum)
* Cushion nozzle – carefuly vacuums soft textile surfaces, such as upholstery or cushions
* Crevice nozzle – suitable for vacuuming narrow and hardly accessible spaces (radiator ribs, behind furniture, etc.)
* Brush with soft fibre bristles helps to clean places which demand gentle care (on the furniture, walls or pictures, ets.)
* Metal telescopic tube (90 cm) – height adjustable to the user

* Initial microfilter ETA149200020
* Hepa filter no. 13 ETA149200090
* Hose ETA149200200
* Dust bag (ETA ORIGINAL) - ETA960068000
* Dust bag (ETA ANTIBACTERIAL) - ETA960068010
* Dust bag (ETA ANTIBACTERIAL) - ETA960068020

General information:
Vacuuming: dry
Power vacuums: 700 W
Noise: 68 dB
Power control: on vacuum cleaners
Volume of dust bag or container: 4 l
Function: other, allergy

Filter type: sack
Filter type: HEPA H 13

Turbo brush: No
Type of turbobrush: without turbo brush
Nozzle for hard floors: Yes

Soft rear wheels: Yes
Vacuum accessories: brush nozzle, parquet nozzle, floor / carpet nozzle, pillow nozzle, slot nozzle

Length of cable: 8 m
Tube execution: metal telescopic
Energy source: AC 230V
Lead: automatic winding
Powering the vacuum cleaner: 230 V
Action radius / range: 11 m
Quality mark dTest: No
Battery system: none

Size of product:
Width: 47.0 cm
Height: 24.0 cm
Depth: 31.5 cm
Weight: 7.49 kg

Size of package:
Width: 33.0 cm
Height: 35.0 cm
Depth: 58.0 cm
Weight: 9.18 kg