Foil welder ETA Caza 5762 90001 black/gray

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Fully automatic vacuum sealer with the input of 110 W. Function of welding, vacuuming, and mode for dry and wet food. Suitable also for the protection of documents or valuables.
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The fully automatic ETA Caza vacuum sealer machine allows you to extend the shelf life of food and keep it fresh longer! In addition to freshness, you will keep aroma, taste and, of course, all vitamins and minerals in food. Vacuuming is also an effective mean of preventing unwanted waste and disposal of food. With the ETA Caza vacuum sealer machine, you can prevent this waste and save not only the environment, but also your money.

Less air, more space!
In addition to extending the shelf life of food, the vacuum sealer machine will also make it easier for them to be stored - sucking out the air will reduce the total volume, which is especially useful when storing food in the freezer. This way you can vacuum not only fruits and vegetables, but also meat, fish, ready-to-eat meals, loose or dried foods.

Do you like barbecues? It is known that grilled meat tastes best when it has been in the marinade for several hours before. You can effectively speed up this process by vacuuming. Simply put the marinated meat in a bag and extract all the air from it. The created vacuum will cause the meat fibers expand and thus facilitate the absorption of the marinade.

Luxury affair
You can cook food in bags straight away! The method of cooking food in a vacuum is known as Sous-Vide, and until recently it was used mainly in luxury restaurants. Nowadays, it is already available for home cooking. You simply vacuum the food and put it in a water bath. Each food requires a specific water temperature and different cooking times. However, it pays off to follow the rules! The reward will be an extremely delicate and juicy meal full of flavor and nutrients.

Freshness under control
You don't have to worry about anything with automatic operation. After selecting this function, the device firstly sucks the air out of the bag and then creates a strong, uniform weld. The maximum weld length is up to 30 cm. You can then conveniently store the vacuumed food in the fridge or freezer.

Do you want to control the intensity of the vacuum yourself? Use the PULSE button to do this. Press this button to keep the vacuum function running and after releasing it, you can seal the bag immediately.

ETA Caza also offers the possibility of independent welding. Use this feature, for example, to protect important documents, medications or jewelry from liquids.

You can also buy a practical vacuum box for the ETA Caza vacuum sealer machine and thus use the external vacuum function. You can use this gadget, for example, for the already mentioned marinating or storing very soft fruit, which could be deformed by vacuuming in a bag. The ETA Atmos vacuum box fits perfectly with the ETA Caza vacuum sealer machine.

By choosing the moisture content of the vacuumed food, you can tell the appliance whether you are processing dry food, such as nuts or rather moist food, which mainly includes meat and fruit.

A safety thermal fuse takes care of your safety during operation, which prevents the device from overheating. The light signal will again tell you if the device is in operation and what function you are currently running. The supply cable is 1 m long and can be hidden in the space for its winding directly in the vacuum sealer machine. The unsightly cable will not interfere with you on the kitchen counter and ETA Caza will find its permanent place on it.

The package includes special vacuum bags measuring 22 x 30 cm (5 pcs) and 22 x 35 cm (5 pcs). These bags can be used repeatedly after washing!
Technical parameters


Sale new model

Vacuum sealer

* Fully automatic functions: securely closes bags, vacuums air, seals the joint
* Vacuuming function
* Separate sealing function
* Excellent connection quality (strong seamless joint)
* Mode for dry and wet food
* Optional vacuuming time function
* Removable container for aspirated liquid
* Storage of food to make it lasts longer
* Also suitable as a protection of various items, document, jewellery, etc. against moisture and other undesirable influences
* Food in the bags can be frozen and reheated
* Bags can be reused after washing
* Vacuuming and sealing light signals
* Vacuuming power max. -0.8 bar
* Simple control
* Safety thermal protection
* Space for power cord winding
* Power cord length 1.0 m
* Input 110 W
* Declared acoustic noise level 80 dB(A) re 1pW

Accessories (included in the package):
* Bags 22 x 30 cm (5 pcs)
* Bags 28 x 35 cm (5 pcs)

Spare clingfilm for the ETA176200010
Vacuum box (volume 2000 ml) ETA476292000

Size of product:
Width: 40.2 cm
Height: 10.1 cm
Depth: 18.0 cm
Weight: 1.65 kg

Size of package:
Width: 19.0 cm
Height: 13.0 cm
Depth: 42.0 cm
Weight: 2.48 kg