Food Processor ETA Gustus Maximus III 3128 90030 white

SKU: ETA312890030
Multipurpose food processor with metal gear wheels, efficient motor (1200 W), planetary mixing system, and wide range of accessories.
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Technical parameters



* Highly powerful 1200 W motor with a stabilizer maintains set speed even under a heavy load
* Massive metal gear wheels ensure long service time
* Planetary mixing system for high quality and more systematic processing of the volume of the bowl
* Smooth speed regulation for optional ingredients processing intensity
* PULSE Function for maximum speed
* Adjustable height of whipping whisk in case of smaller amount of ingredients
* Whipping whisk with a prolonged part ensures more effective processing of ingredients by dish sides
* Safety thermal fuse is activated when the robot is overloaded and thus protects the motor against damage
* Non-slip feet ensure greater stability
* Safety system of a pivoting arm:
• Enables easy replacement of the attachments
• Contents safety fuse against unwanted switch-on while being tilted off
• Makes manipulation easier thanks to the safety lock while being tilted off
* Bowl lid with an opening for adding ingredients while working
* Maximal acoustic noise level 83 dB(A) re 1pW
* Power cord length 1.25 m

Basic equipment enables the robot to perform:
* whipping
* mixing
* kneading
* blending
* grating (coarse grinding, rough slicing, tearing for cheese and potatoes)
* meat mincing
* smoked meat filling
* meat ball Kebbe preparation
* machine candy extrusion
* poppy mill
* easy and quick sharpening of steel knives and choppers, including the ones from hardened steel and stainless steel

* Large capacity stainless-steel bowl of 5.5 L with handles and transparent lid (up to 2.5 kg of dough)
* Meat mincer of diameter 54 mm (3 mincing disc sizes, attachment for smoked meat, attachment for Kebbe, confectionery decoration nozzle, hopper, pusher, unlocking key)
* Kneading hook
* Whipping whisk
* Mixing whisk
* Flexi whisk for cremes and soft dough
* Glass blender 1.5 L (doesn´t absorb smell and colours of ingredients)
* Grating attachment with 4 drum graters
* Poppy mill
* Knife sharpener

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (not included in the package)
* Meat mincer (big; diameter 62 mm; ETA002891000)
* Grating attachment with 5 graters ETA002895030 usable only with the gearbox ETA002899999
* Fine grater ETA002800860, usable only with the grating attachment ETA002895030 + gearbox ETA002899999
* Dicing attachment ETA002895040, usable only with ETA002895030 + gearbox ETA002899999
* Mill for cereals, legumes, and rice; ETA002896010 or ETA002896020
* Narrow noodle cutter (Trenette); ETA002892000
* Wide noodle cutter (Tagliatelle); ETA002893000
* Pasta rolling attachment (Lasagne, Raviolli, Cannelloni); ETA002894000
* Pasta formers (5 types); ETA02897000 usable only with ETA002891000
* Press for berries, fruit and vegetable; ETA002898050
* Citrus press; ETA002898020, usable only with the gearbox ETA002899999
* Ice-cream preparation attachment; ETA002898030
* Spiralizer; ETA002895060
* Gearbox for attachment ETA002899999

Planetary mixing system: Yes
The volume of the main container: 5,5 l
Control: mechanical-buttonhole
Pulse switch: Yes
Infinitely variable speed control: Yes
Power consumption robot: 1200 W
Material of dishes: stainless
Quality mark dTest: No
Retro: No
Accessories in the package: drum grater, flexi broom, kneading hook, mixing whisk, mixer, poppy seed grinder, meat grinder, transparent bowl cover, whisk, cookie cutter
Special features: sausage stuffing
Type of robot: lever
Model series: taste
Color: white

Size of product:
Width: 40.5 cm
Height: 36.0 cm
Depth: 29.5 cm
Weight: 11.26 kg

Size of package:
Width: 66.5 cm
Height: 44.5 cm
Depth: 29.5 cm
Weight: 13.12 kg