Fruit Dryer ETA Vital Air II 2302 90000 black

SKU: ETA230290000
Multipurpose fruit dryer with equal drying technology Air Flow, pre-set programs, and 10 stainless steel plates.
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The ETA Vital Air II food dryer offers a gentle way of preserving food and preparing healthy meals. In a modern design, it hides professional quality fully adapted to comfortable home use.

It's just beginning with the fruit
The ETA Vital Air II food dryer opens the door to the world of making home-made delicacies. They can handle all fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, and even meat or fish (homemade "jerky"). Gently dries herbs and homemade spices.

However, this practical helper will also come in handy when leavening dough, making homemade pasta, homemade yoghurt or baking pastries. It will also delight fans of raw food, for whom it prepares tasty and nutritious raw sticks, wraps and healthy crackers.

Every type of food will get optimal conditions. The preset RAW program (45 ° C / 24 hours) is used for slow drying, while the FAST program (70 ° C / 10 hours) ensures fast drying. However, you can also conveniently set the desired temperature manually, in the range of 35–70 °C.

You have ten stainless steel drying sieves and two plastic sieves for herbs and puree at your disposal. You can always use only as many as you need.

Control is a piece of cake
The ETA Vital Air II multi-purpose dryer is designed to be as comfortable to use as possible and to work without your constant assistance. It will delight you with its very fast assembly, simple operation and easy maintenance.

In addition to the preset programs, its independence is represented by the timer function, which can be set from 30 minutes to 24 hours. For the same length of time, the KEEP WARM function can maintain a temperature of 45 ° C, which is suitable, for example, for leavening dough or baking bread.

The clear LCD display shows the temperature, selected functions or programs as well as the remaining cooking time. In addition, an audible signal accompanies the pressing of the buttons.

The special Air Flow technology ensures an even horizontal flow of warm air throughout the dryer, so you can rely on a perfect result even without rearranging the individual screens. At the same time, the electronic thermostat takes care of the desired temperature fluctuations, at which the moisture is optimally and quickly removed from the food.

And if you still want to check how the food inside is doing, a transparent door will allow you to do so. You do not have to open the dryer unnecessarily, and thus disturb the indoor climate.
Technical parameters


Fruit dryer

* A healthy way of preparing and preserving food
* Suitable for home drying of fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish (home-made jerky) or herbs, spice, cereals, and legumes
* Pre-set program for RAW food preparation (e.g., wrap pancakes, wholemeal crackers, home-made cereals) (45 °C / 24 hours)
* Pre-set FAST program for quick drying (70 °C / 10 hours)
* Possibility of drying home-made pasta, leavening the dough, toasting pastry
* 2 special drying screens for crushed food (e.g., herbs), and puree (for the preparation of wrap pancakes)
* 10 stainless steel drying screen one over another (included)
* Drying screen dimensions 33 x 30.5 cm
* Number of drying screens according to the amount of food
* Adjustable temperature range 35–70 °C, steps by 5 °C
* Electronic thermostat enables desirable temperature fluctuations for optimal and rapid removal of moisture from food
* Timer for 30 minutes and up to 24 hours, steps by 30 minutes
* KEEP WARM function 24 hours for temperature maintaining 35 °C
* Well-arranged LCD display for easy temperature and time setting, with the display of the preparation state
* Overheat protection
* Very quick assembly, simple operation, and easy maintenance
* Quiet operation
* Not necessary to interchange drying plates during drying
* Transparent door makes it easier to control the drying process
* Professional quality for home use
* Unique construction ensures equal horizontal hot air flow
* Non-slip feet ensuring stability
* Power cord length 1.2 m
* Input 650 W

Rotating drying plates: No
Number of drying plates: 10
Power consumption of fruit dryer: 650 W
Temperature regulation: Yes
Timer: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 34.5 cm
Height: 42.5 cm
Depth: 46.0 cm
Weight: 9.69 kg

Size of package:
Width: 47.5 cm
Height: 45.5 cm
Depth: 38.5 cm
Weight: 11.16 kg