Grill ETA Livero 4155 90000 black

SKU: ETA415590000
The ETA Livero electric contact grill with 3 positions for grilling meat and making toasts.
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The ETA Livero ETA415590000 is an amazing contact grill with a heavy-duty metal body and 1600W output power. It is ideal for grilling all kinds of meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, bread and making toasts. It can conjure up various tastes and smells when closed, open to 90° or fully open to 180°. 2 grilling hotplates, 225 x 335mm in size, with an anti-adhesive coating which prevents your food from scorching. They are easy to clean after use and are dishwasher safe. Both hotplates are removable which makes it easy to use them. For each hotplate there is a drip tray for collecting grease and gravy.

Depending on the food you are preparing, you can set the temperature yourselves between 140°C and 280°C using the knob on the front side of the grill which signals 3 basic grilling temperatures. It is fitted with a light indicator which indicates the operation and achievement of the set temperature. There is a large holder above the knob for easy and safe use. It is made from high-quality plastic which prevents burns.
Technical parameters


Electric contact grill

* Ideal for grilling meat, fish, vegetables, toast, etc.
* 3 grilling positions (closed / open 90° and 180°)
* Grilling area size: 225 x 335 mm (2 pcs)
* Temperature setting by rotate knob 
* Variable temperature control 140 °C - 280 °C
* Removable grill plates with non-stick surface washable in dishwasher
* Non-stick grill plate
* Handle for safe operation
* Easily washable surface
* Light operating and temperature achieving signalization
* Safety thermal fuse
* Drip tray (2 pcs)
* Anti-slip feet for stability on the working desk
* Easy and quick assembly
* Can be stored in vertical position
* Power cord length 1.1 m
* Input 1600 W

Grill construction: contact grill
Wattage electric grill: 1600 W
Kind of grilling surface: rib
Number of pans: without pans
Barbecue on the two hotplates: Yes
Thermostat: Yes
Removable griddle/grill: Yes
Display: No
Washing the grill area in the dishwasher: Yes
Drip container: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 39.0 cm
Height: 14.0 cm
Depth: 30.0 cm
Weight: 3.42 kg

Size of package:
Width: 41.5 cm
Height: 31.5 cm
Depth: 20.5 cm
Weight: 3.90 kg