Grill ETA Party Chef 5155 90000 inox

SKU: ETA515590000
Electric contact grill with two grilling surfaces measuring 29 x 30 cm is ideal for grilling meat, fish, vegetables and toasting.
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Technical parameters


Electric contact grill

* Healthy food preparation
* Ideal for grilling meat, fish, vegetables, roasting bread, etc.
* Grilling surface dimensions 29 x 23 cm (2x)
* 2x plate with ribbed grill
* Plates can be easily removed
* Top grill plate can be lifted in 5 steps
* Can be opened to 90° / 180°
* Anti-adhesive plate finish for easy maintenance
* 2 separate thermostats - temperature adjustable in the range of 80 - 220 °C
* Easy-to-operate with two regulating knobs
* Removable drip tray with a capacity of 0.25 l
* Operation light indicator
* Folding feet for better grease removal into the drip tray
* Thermally insulated handle for safe operation
* Safety thermal protection
* Elegant stainless steel design
* Power cable length 0.85 m
* Cover lockable in a closed position
* Power input 2000 W

Grill construction: contact grill
Wattage electric grill: 2000 W
Kind of grilling surface: rib
Number of pans: without pans
Barbecue on the two hotplates: Yes
Thermostat: Yes
Removable griddle/grill: Yes
Display: No
Drip container: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 36.5 cm
Height: 17.0 cm
Depth: 34.5 cm
Weight: 4.44 kg

Size of package:
Width: 36.0 cm
Height: 22.0 cm
Depth: 39.0 cm
Weight: 5.00 kg