Hair dryer ETA Rosalia 4319 90000 violet

SKU: ETA431990000
Efficient hair dryer with adjustable temperature, ionization, and cool air-blowing function.
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Beneath the attractive design of the ETA Rosalia, there is a powerful motor and functions tuned so that you can enjoy home hair styling and at the same time lead to the desired results. Separate switches on the handle offer convenient air temperature setting with a choice of three levels as well as a choice of two flow rates.

The hair treatment is accelerated by a 360 ° rotary air concentrator, which concentrates the air flow on the currently cared for strand. The package also includes a diffuser, which adds volume to the roots and supports the natural undulation of the individual strands.

Dry and fix
In order to create a hairstyle which will last long after you leave the bathroom, the ETA Rosalia hair dryer is equipped with ionization and cold air functions.

The ionizer creates negative ions, which prevent the formation of static electricity, and thus frizz. Hair is then noticeably smoother and shinier. The imaginary icing on the cake is the cold air, which will take care of the final fixation of the hairstyle.

Small but important details
The ergonomically shaped handle is complemented by a practical hanging loop. At the back of the hair dryer there is a removable grid, which facilitates the maintenance of the appliance and protects its bowels from the ingress of hair, dust and other impurities.

For maximum safety, there is also a fuse against overheating.
Technical parameters


Hair dryer

* Ionization function eliminating static electrics, and fixation of hairstyle
* Cool air function enabling fixation of the hairstyle
* 3 temperature levels and 2 airflow speed ensure optimal setting
* 2 independent switch for temperature and air-flow setting
* Diffuser for bigger hair volume
* Concentrator for a creation of perfect hairstyle
* Removable grid for easy maintenance
* Overheat safety protection
* Modern and elegant design
* Practical hanging loop
* Input 2200 W
* Power cord length 1.7 m
* Noise 78 dB(A) re 1pW

Type of hair: standard dryer
Max. power input: 2200 W
Number of speed degrees: 2
Infinitely variable speed control: No
Number of temperature degrees: 3
Diffuser: Yes
Air concentrator: Yes
Ionizer: Yes
Cool air: Yes
Dual travel voltage (115 V / 230 V): No
Cord Length: 1,7 m

Size of product:
Width: 23.0 cm
Height: 27.5 cm
Depth: 9.5 cm
Weight: 0.67 kg

Size of package:
Width: 23.5 cm
Height: 29.0 cm
Depth: 10.5 cm
Weight: 0.87 kg