Heating fan ETA Fogos Mini 1623 90000 black

SKU: ETA162390000
Fan heater with a ceramic heating element and 400W power. Convenient plug-in directly into the socket.
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Personal warmth

Every lover of a feeling of warmth will fall in love with the ETA Fogos Mini fan heater. Say goodbye once and for all to your cold feet, and frozen fingers while working in such a cold office. The ETA Fogos Mini fan heater will be a handy companion for you during autumn and winter days.

The Eta Fogos Mini fan will become your personal warmth creator. Just plug it into a nearby socket and enjoy the pleasant warmth. It will instantly solve the problem of cold feet and warm you up in the cooler parts of the house.

The ceramic heating system provides high performance, while the energy consumption remains low. You will notice the difference not only yourself but also in your wallet.

You can conveniently regulate the temperature in the range of 15-35 °C and monitor it on the clear LED display. You can also choose from 2 fan speeds exactly as it suits you. Treat yourself to a cozy and pleasant moment of warmth even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Safety first

A practical feature of the ETA Fogos Mini fan heater is the timer, which you can set for up to 12 hours, then the device shuts off automatically. It also has an ON / OFF button.

The fan’s noise level is max. 56 dB(A), so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed. The functionality is not the only thing that we thought of, we didn’t forget about keeping you safe and sound. The fan heater is equipped with a safety switch against tipping over and a thermal fuse. Thanks to its compact size, it is suitable mainly for places up to 8 m2.

The control of the ETA Fogos Mini fan heater is easy and intuitive, and anyone can handle it.

Technical parameters


Heating fan MINI

* Ceramic heating system = high performance with lower power consumption

* Handy, small, and portable helper suitable for use in homes and cottages

* Adjustable temperature from 15-35 °C

* Timer for 1 to 12 hours

* 2 fan speeds

* Cold air circulation function (or ambient temperature)

* Tip-over safety feature that automatically switches off the fan (e.g. if it falls, tips over etc.)

* Thermal safety fuse to prevent overheating and possible fire

* Acoustic noise level ≤56 dB(A)

* Clear LED display

* ON / OFF switch

* Power input 400 W

* Designed for rooms of approx. 8 m2

Power: 400 W
Protection against dripping water: No
Noise: 56 dB
Thermostat: Yes
Placement: for travel
Fan: 2 speeds
Remote control: No
Economically: No
Timer: Yes
Use: interior
Source of power: electrical

Size of product:
Width: 8.5 cm
Height: 16.5 cm
Depth: 12.0 cm
Weight: 0.37 kg

Size of package:
Width: 11.5 cm
Height: 18.0 cm
Depth: 9.0 cm
Weight: 0.47 kg