Hot air fryer ETA Fritta 2168 90000 black

SKU: ETA216890000
Hot air fryer with temperature setting of 160-220 °C, timer switch, and a large container with a capacity of 7.2L. Up to 50 % energy savings
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Prepare your favourite fried and non-fried dishes in a healthier version, with minimal added fat! The ETA Fritta hot air fryer fries food using hot air, that circulates evenly inside the fryer. The result is evenly fried schnitzels, French fries, croquettes, and vegetable falafel.

ETA Fritta

Up to 50 % energy savings

Cooking with the ETA Fritta hot air fryer is not only healthier but also more cost-effective. Thanks to the XXXL container, the fryer can be used as a smaller hot air oven, but with up to 50% lower electricity consumption compared to a traditional oven.

With a hot air fryer, you don’t have to limit yourself to just frying. It can easily handle cake bases, muffins, and other sweet treats

ETA Fritta

With the smooth temperature setting in the range of 160-220 °C, you have the absolute control over the entire process. Thanks to the adjustable timer of up to 30 minutes, the fryer will always alert you when the food is ready. If you need more time, you can use the continuous operation function, which will maintain the set temperature until you turn it off.

Plenty of space for the whole family

You don’t have to worry about space anymore. The large 7.2L container will be sufficient even for a large family, and you can roast a whole chicken in it. The container can be easily removed, and it also comes with a practical frying basket where you can place a smaller baking dish or casserole.

ETA Fritta

The fryer effectively utilizes the internal space, so despite the large container volume, it won’t take up much space on the kitchen counter.

Thanks to the large container volume, the fryer can be used as a small hot air oven, which is also easily portable to cottages and cabins.

The thermal insulated handle is designed to provide you with safe operation and minimize the risk of burns. The non-slip feet ensure stability when handling the device, whether you are working on a smooth or uneven surface. It is also equipped with a thermal fuse and a safety lock to prevent incorrect assembly.

We want your cooking experience to be safe and easy. That is why our air fryer is equipped with light and sound signals that inform you about the device’s status.

Our fryer comes with a  0.6m power cord, giving you enough flexibility in placing the device in the kitchen. With a power of 1,800W you will have sufficient strength for quick and efficient cooking.

Warranty extension

We will extend the warranty on the fryer’s heating element for free, up to 3 years. Just register in our simple form HERE.

Technical parameters


Hot air fryer

  • Healthy frying and baking
  • Smooth temperature adjustment in the range of 160-220 °C
  • Adjustable timer switch 0-30 min. or continuous operation
  • Removable container of 7.2L with a frying basket
  • Light and sound signals of operation
  • Thermally insulated handle for safe handling
  • Non-slip feet ensuring stability
  • Plastic construction to reduce the risk of burns
  • Safety thermal fuse
  • Safety lock to prevent incorrect assembly
  • Health-safe materials
  • Power cord length of 0.6m
  • Power input 1,800W

Power consumption fryer: 1800 W
The maximum oil content: 0 l
Type of cooking: hot air
Material container: non-stick surface
Display: without display
Timer: yes
Light signalization: Yes
Temperature regulation: Yes
Removable washable parts: container
Frying basket volume: 7,2 l
Quality mark dTest: No
Dual: No

Size of product:
Width: 29.5 cm
Height: 30.0 cm
Depth: 39.0 cm
Weight: 5.06 kg

Size of package:
Width: 42.5 cm
Height: 35.0 cm
Depth: 36.0 cm
Weight: 6.41 kg