Immersion blender ETA Rizzo 3057 90000 white

SKU: ETA305790000
The Eta Rizzo is a hand blender with a stainless blender foot, quiet 400W DC motor and a wide range of accessories for variety of applications.
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The ETA Rizzo ETA305790000 is a stainless-steel hand blender with a plastic handle and modern stainless-steel features. It features a very powerful and quiet 400W DC motor.
The blender foot and the blades are made from a high-quality material which is resistant to higher temperatures. You can mix hot ingredients without any problem.

It is really easy to assemble and use. You can adjust the speed. This will reduce the risk of the contents of the container splashing out on the kitchen worktop.
It features the TURBO button which revs up the appliance to achieve maximum mixing speed. When switched ON, its upper part is illuminated with pleasantly blue LED lighting.
The blender foot is removable. You can replace it with the whipping attachment to whip cream, egg whites or home-made mayo. It also comes with a 600ml mixing jug. Included is also a 500ml chopper with a stainless-steel moon blade that can chop herbs, nuts and vegetables.
In short - this is a versatile assistant in any kitchen which you will take a great liking to.
Technical parameters


Stick blender
* Very powerful and silent direct DC motor with input of 400 W
* The combination of high quality stainless steel and plastic
* Ergonomic shape of handle for comfortable use
* Variable speed
* TURBO button for max. revolutions
* Very quick assembly, easy operation and easy maintenance
* Light signalisation of operation
* Length of the power cord is 1.3 m

Wide range of accessories:
* Removable stainless steel stick blender
* Whipping whisk
- A gearbox to ensure optimal revolutions
* 500 ml chopper
- Stainless steel sickle knife
- non-slip feet ensure stability
600 ml working container

Power consumption submersible mixer: 400 W
Number of speed degrees: 5
Infinitely variable: Yes
Pulse switch: Yes
Features, accessories: mixing container, mixing, chopper, whisking
Quality mark dTest: No
Energy source: network
Material of the mixing foot: stainless steel

Size of product:
Width: 6.5 cm
Height: 38.5 cm
Depth: 7.0 cm
Weight: 1.18 kg

Size of package:
Width: 23.5 cm
Height: 25.0 cm
Depth: 13.5 cm
Weight: 1.43 kg