Iron ETA Kiara bezkabelová, 1276 90000 black

SKU: ETA127690000
Cordless iron with ceramic ironing plate, and with a steam shock of 90 g/min, input 2200 W, water tank 220 ml, power cord 1.6 m.
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Freedom of ironing
Enjoy free movement without an impractical cable even when ironing. With the wireless iron ETA Kiara, you definitely don't have to limit yourself. Iron your laundry quickly and efficiently in all directions.

Thanks to the high power input of 2.200 W, the iron is heated in a few moments and the ceramic ironing surface maintains the temperature for a really long time. In addition, thanks to the high conductivity of the entire surface, the iron saves energy and will also save you some money. The ceramic ironing surface is also very durable and glides beautifully on the laundry.

You definitely don't have to worry about the iron cooling down while ironing. With standard handling of the laundry, you simply place the iron in a practical stand, where it manages to replenish the heat quickly. You then continue working without any difference.

The choice is yours
Thanks to temperature control and selectable steam intensity, the ETA Kiara iron is suitable for all types of fabrics. Thanks to the high steam boost of up to 90 g / min, the iron can also handle crumpled and unruly clothes. With the VERTICAL STEAM function, you can easily steam loose textiles, such as curtains or clothes on a hanger. If steam ironing is not exactly your cup of coffee, you can also switch this function off completely and use the iron only for dry ironing. You can also plug the power cord directly into the iron and turn it into a classic ironing helper.

Thanks to the very low weight, the iron is easy to handle. The ability to use tap water will also make your work easier, as the ANTI CALC function prevents limescale build-up. The water tank with a volume of 220 ml will suffice for your entire ironing moment. In addition, you will find a practical funnel in the package for even easier pouring!

Is your laundry ready? You can store the iron in a stable power stand where it will be safe. Your safety is also taken care of by the thermal fuse, which prevents the iron from overheating.

It is again very easy to maintain the iron. The iron controls the SELF CELAN self-cleaning function, which you only need to run about once a month.
Technical parameters


Cordless steam iron

* Possibility of the iron combination 2 x 2 - dry ironing, steam ironing, ironing with power cord, ironing without the power cord
* Ceramic ironing plate - special ceramic plate creates unique features, like quick heat conductivity, optimal temperature layout, very good glide, and endurance against scratching
* INPUT 2200 W – this sufficient input ensures very quick temperature achievement, more efficient steam making, and minimizes fluctuations of the temperature during ironing
* VOLUME OF THE WATER TANK 220 ml - ensures a balanced ratio between sufficient amount of water and the weight of the iron for comfortable ironing
* Optional TEMPERATURE and STEAM - thanks to a stepless temperature control and optional steam intensity it is possible to iron many kinds of fabrics according to their current condition
* Steam shock 90 g/min
* Variable steam output 0 - 40 g/min

Wide range of functions:
* ANTI CALC prevents scale build-up, extending the life of the iron
* SELF CLEAN system for simple and complete cleaning of the iron interior
* SPRAY for moistening rigid and crumpled fabrics
* VERTICAL STEAM for the possibility of vertical steaming without the need of the contact with the iron area
* Power cord 1.6 m for comfortable operation
* Can be used also as “dry” iron thanks to the option of steam shut-off
* Easy and quick water filling thanks to practical filling hole and a funnel
* Coloured light signalization of the connection to electric network and heating
* Integrated area, including charging stand
* Groove on the ironing plate enable easy ironing around the buttons
* Comfortable manipulation - thanks to ergonomically shaped handle
* Contact system ensuring high safety and long lifetime
* Swiveling bushing of the power cable for easy manipulation
* Modern and elegant design

General information:
Type irons: steam without cable
Power: 2200 W
Ironing area: ceramic
The volume of the reservoir (water): 220 ml

Steam boost: 90 g/min
Variable steam up to: 40 g/min

The anti-drip: Yes
Vertical steaming: Yes
Self-cleaning: Yes
Descaling: Yes
Sprinkler function: Yes
Safety shutdown: No
Removable water tank: No

Length of cable: 1,6 m
Quality mark dTest: No

Size of product:
Width: 18.0 cm
Height: 29.0 cm
Depth: 15.0 cm
Weight: 1.16 kg

Size of package:
Width: 32.0 cm
Height: 16.5 cm
Depth: 15.0 cm
Weight: 1.40 kg