Iron ETA Tiara II 0269 90000 turquoise

SKU: ETA026990000
Iron ETA Tiara II with power input 2 200 W, steam shock 120 g/min. Functions: VERTICAL STEAM, DRIP STOP, ANTI CALC, SELF CLEAN and SPRAY.
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ETA026990000 Tiara II steam iron in turquoise elegant design will help you to iron out a large amount of laundry quickly and easily. With the power input of 2 200 W, it warms up to the operating temperature faster and is ready to iron which is indicated by the light signal.

The steam iron outperforms your expectations
With a steam output of 40 g/min, you can simply iron out even hard-to-iron strong fabrics. If there are creases on a dress or suit, you will enjoy steaming which can be boosted by a steam impulse up to 120 g/min. This steaming can also be used for vertical steaming of fabrics that straightens the laundry without having to contact the ironing plate.

You will also appreciate the sprinkling function that you can use to moisten stubborn and crumpled fabrics. The steam iron is ideal for larger amounts of laundry as it eliminates the need for frequent water refilling thanks to the 450ml water tank. At the same time, the DRIP STOP system prevents inadvertent dripping of water from the plate at low temperature settings.

ETA Tiara II 0269 90000 with ergonomically shaped handle and extra long 2m power cable. In addition, the power cable is fitted with a swivel joint that protects the cable from damage. The cable can be quickly reeled on the back of the iron after ironing and then the iron can be securely put on the rack to the storage position.

Special iron features for ease of use
The special ironing surface features a ceramic plate that has unique properties. Thanks to its composition it has a high temperature conductivity and is quickly heated. At the same time, it has slides very well and is also non-stick and scratch-resistant.

The iron is equipped with a self-cleaning function which cleans the interior of the iron easily and completely. The obvious feature of the Tiara II steam iron is the decalcification system that prevents scale build-up and extends the life of the iron.
Technical parameters


ETA 0269 Tiara II steam Iron

* Ceramic ironing plate - a special ceramic plate creates unique properties such as fast heat conductivity, optimum temperature distribution over the ironing plate, very good sliding, non-adherence and scratch resistance
* Power input 2 200 W - this sufficient power input ensures very fast reaching of the operating temperature, more efficient steam generation and minimizes fluctuations in the operating temperature during ironing
* VOLUME OF THE TANK 450ml - ensures a balanced ratio between sufficient amount of water and the weight of the iron for comfortable ironing
* Optional TEMPERATURE and STEAM - thanks to a stepless temperature control and optional steam intensity it is possible to iron many kinds of fabrics according to their current condition
* Steam shock max. 120 g/min
* Variable steam output 0 - 40 g/min

Extensive functions:
* VERTICAL STEAM for vertical steaming without the need to contact the ironing plate
* DRIP STOP prevents unwanted water dripping from the plate which protects sensitive and fine fabrics from damage
* ANTI CALC prevents scale build-up, extending the life of the iron
* SELF CLEAN system for simple and complete cleaning of the iron interior
* SPRAY for moistening rigid and crumpled fabrics
* 2m long power cable for convenient operation
* Thanks to the steam shut-off function, it can also be used as a “dry” iron
* Easy and fast water filling thanks to the practical filling hole and funnel
* Temperature indication light
* Integrated area for convenient iron storage
* Iron plate groove for easy ironing around the buttons
* Handy handling - thanks to an ergonomically shaped handle
* Possibility of reeling the power cable around the iron body for practical storage
* Swivelling bushing and swivel joint of the power cable for easy iron handling
* Modern and elegant design
* Low weight of 1.5 kg

General information:
Type irons: steaming with cable
Power: 2200 W
Ironing area: ceramic
The volume of the reservoir (water): 450 ml

Steam boost: 120 g/min
Variable steam up to: 40 g/min

The anti-drip: Yes
Vertical steaming: Yes
Self-cleaning: Yes
Descaling: Yes
Sprinkler function: Yes
Safety shutdown: No

Length of cable: 2 m
Quality mark dTest: No

Size of product:
Width: 30.0 cm
Height: 16.0 cm
Depth: 12.5 cm
Weight: 1.32 kg

Size of package:
Width: 31.0 cm
Height: 16.5 cm
Depth: 12.5 cm
Weight: 1.54 kg