Juicer ETA Vital Press 1032 90000 black

SKU: ETA103290000
The ETA Vital Press juicer with slow extraction of juice in order to maintain maximum vitamins, nutrients and taste intensity of the pressed fruits and vegetables.
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The ETA Vital Press is recommended for those who live healthily and want to give their bodies just the best. Ideal for preparation of RAW food. Excellent extraction of juice from fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs which guarantees full and refreshing tastes that you can enjoy e.g. during your breakfast. With a good dose of vitamins you crank up your body and give it a lot of energy.

The juicer is made from a highly resistant and high-quality material which is harmless and easy to operate and maintain. It has two filling openings which makes processing faster and ensures that when using more ingredients, the tastes are mixed evenly.

Juice extraction is slow but thorough. The fruit and vegetable juice thus maintains maximum vitamins, nutrients that are important for your body and, above all, its taste.

The appliance has a touch control panel with operation signal lights indicating the current function of the juicer. It features a STOP function for an immediate interruption of juice extraction and a REVERS function for the motor running in reverse direction if the amount of ingredients in the extraction area is excessive.
Technical parameters


Slow juicer

* Ideal for a high-quality juice extraction from fruits, vegetables and herbs and for preparation of RAW food
* Two stainless steel sieves for various types of ingredients
* Low-speed spiral-press technology
- Slow way of juice extraction in order to maintain maximum vitamins, nutrients and taste
- High juice extraction efficiency
* Highly resistant material
* Simple touch control and operation signal lights
* Plug with a DripStop function which prevents dripping
* REVERS function for the motor running in reverse direction
* With the STOP function, juice extraction can be stopped immediately
* Very quiet operation
* Two filling openings for faster processing and even mixing
* Harmless materials
* Easy maintenance as the mechanism can be completely disassembled
* Dishwasher-safe (except for the removable power unit)
* Safeguard against improper assembly
* Anti-slip feet for increased stability
* Input power of 200W
* Declared acoustic noise level of 71dB(A) re 1pW

* 2 stainless-steel sieves
* 1 l juice container
* Container for dry flesh
* Pusher
* Brush for cleaning
* Covering lid

Number of speed degrees: 1
Power consumption juicers: 200 W
Juice container: 1 l
Stainless steel filter: Yes
Juicer type: screw

Size of product:
Width: 17.5 cm
Height: 44.0 cm
Depth: 24.0 cm
Weight: 4.60 kg

Size of package:
Width: 42.0 cm
Height: 34.5 cm
Depth: 22.0 cm
Weight: 5.70 kg