Kitchen scales ETA Storio 5777 90020 black

SKU: ETA577790020
Design kitchen scale in all-metal constuction with stainless steel bowl 2 L.
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Technical parameters


Mechanic kitchen scale

* Resistant all-metal construction
* The maximum load 5 kg
* Weighing accuracy 25 g
* Measurement units: g / kg / lb / oz
* Stainless steel bowl 2 L
* Elegant retro design
* Non-slip feet ensuring the stability on the work desk

Tare: No
The maximum load: 5 kg
Bowl for weighing: Yes
Weighing accuracy: 25 g
Calculation of the nutritional values: No
Weight indicator: analog

Size of product:
Width: 25.0 cm
Height: 21.5 cm
Depth: 25.0 cm
Weight: 1.07 kg

Size of package:
Width: 27.0 cm
Height: 19.5 cm
Depth: 25.0 cm
Weight: 1.45 kg