Mouth shower ETA Sonetic 0708 90000 blue

SKU: ETA070890000
ETA Aquacare oral shower with 3 cleaning modes - Normal, Soft and Pulse, operating pressure 2.7-6.2 bar.
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Effective interdental cleaning
A very sophisticated and efficient system for cleaning teeth and interdental spaces with ultra-fine water stream (0.6mm water jet). If your toothbrush is not enough for you and you are not enthusiastic about cleaning your teeth with a dental floss, then ETA070890000 Aquacare is the best solution.

Thanks to the water stream, it removes plaque, dirt and bacteria from the interdental spaces and under the gums. The oral shower is therefore an innovative aid in dental hygiene.

The tank volume is 150 ml and its design ensures easy removal, filling and cleaning. The operating pressure of the pump, depending on the set mode, is between 2.7-6.2 bar (40-90 PSI). Universal voltage of 100-240 V allows you to take the appliance with you on holiday or business trip. The whole design of the shower is built on simplicity - anyone can change and put on accessories.

How often is it used?
The shower is adapted for daily oral hygiene as a supplement to cleaning your teeth. It is suitable for cleaning implants, fixed braces, bridges and crowns.

Easy operation and usability
Turn the Aquacare shower on and off easily with the ON/OFF switch. The light signal indicates changes - that is, empty battery, charging process, full charge, and selected cleaning mode. The Aquacare oral shower has three cleaning modes - Normal - for normal cleaning of healthy teeth and gums, Soft - gentle mode for sensitive teeth and gums, and Pulse - for gentle massage of gums. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the oral shower fits perfectly in your hand and with 360° rotation of the nozzle it is easy to find the optimum position for cleaning with both left and right hand.

The Aquacare oral shower is equipped with a high-quality Li-ion battery that can last up to 50 minutes per single charge. Charging time is 18 hours. It is ideal to let the oral shower recharge overnight with a 1.2 meter power cable.

Safety precautions
To avoid damaging the shower, it has an automatic shutdown after 2 minutes of operation. The design has an IPX7 protection that protects the shower in case of accidental immersion in water. The stand is equipped with integrated storage space for hygienic nozzle storage.

Included is a convenient charging stand with spare mouth nozzles (2 pieces).

The big advantage is the possibility to purchase additional special attachments as an optional accessory (orthodontic nozzle with the part number ETA 270790200, tongue cleaning attachment with the part number ETA 270790300).
Technical parameters


Oral shower

* A gentle and effective dental and interdental cleaning system
* Removes plaque, dirt and bacteria from interdental spaces and under the gums with a strong water stream
* Ideal for daily oral hygiene as a supplement to teeth cleaning, for implants, fixed braces, bridges and crowns
* 360° rotary cleaning heads
* Ultra-fine water stream (0.6 mm water jet)
* Pump operating pressure: 2.7 - 6.2 bar (40 - 90 PSI)
* 150ml water tank - its construction ensures easy removal, filling and cleaning
* 3 cleaning modes (Normal, Soft, Pulse)
* Safety function for automatic shutdown after 2 minutes
* ON / OFF switch
* Light signalling (empty battery, charging, charged status and function)
* Ergonomically shaped handle
* High quality Li-ion battery
* 18 hours charging time
* Battery life up to 50 minutes
* Easy to attach and replace accessories
* Universal voltage ( 100 - 240 V)
* IPX7 protection (against immersion in water)
* Power cable length 1.2 m
* Integrated storage space for hygienic nozzle storage
* Includes a convenient charging stand and 2 spare mouth nozzles

* Replacement nozzle, 2 pcs (ETA270790100)
* Replacement orthodontic nozzle, 2 pcs (ETA270790200)
* Replacement tongue cleaning attachment, 2 pcs (ETA270790300)

Accessories included: Charging stand
Power supply: Rechargeable battery
Maximum water pressure: 6 bar
Minimum water pressure: 2,5 bar
Tank capacity: up to 200 ml
Cleaning modes: Uniform current, Massage pulsation
Water pressure regulation: 3 or more degrees
Use: Travel showers

Size of product:
Width: 6.0 cm
Height: 28.0 cm
Depth: 8.0 cm
Weight: 0.46 kg

Size of package:
Width: 20.0 cm
Height: 23.5 cm
Depth: 7.0 cm
Weight: 0.73 kg