Personal weight ETA Vital Body 6780 90000 black

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ETA VITAL BODY analytical bathroom scales with the ETA VITAL smart application that monitors, records and evaluates body characteristics for up to 10 people.
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Keep your body under control

The ETA Vital Body is a very clever scales that is a great partner for an active and healthy lifestyle. In combination with a unique ETA VITAL smart application, it helps to monitor, regularly record and evaluate the development of basic body characteristics.

Vital Body

VITAL BODY application

It measures a metabolic age, visceral fat, body fat, body water, muscles, bones, caloric intake, and BMI. It shows the difference between the current and the last weighed value. You can set up your own goals that you would like to achieve and track their development and your performance over time. The Sports Mode function alerts you to sporting activities that will help you achieve better results. The application has a memory for up to 10 people where you can define their gender, age, height, name, desired target weight and can also set your own photo.

It will measure you from head to toes

  • Body fat and body water: The percentage of body fat and water in your body will outline your health. It is true that the more water you have in your body, the greater is the muscle mass ratio and the lower is the fat ratio. If the body water level begins to decrease, muscle mass will also decrease and fat will increase. In addition, monitoring the value of water in the body can alert you to emerging health problems and help you resolve them in time.
  • BMI: This index determines the relationship between body weight and individual height. It can be used to determine whether a person is underweight, overweight or obese or whether his or her condition is normal.
  • Caloric intake: Represents the minimum amount of energy intake needed to maintain basic vital functions. The data show the minimum daily energy consumption you spend with your weight, height, age and gender.
  • Metabolic age: The application compares the measured values with the normal population values. It describes the overall condition and activity of the metabolism and is a suitable complementary indicator of your condition. Compared to your calendar age, you will find out if you are in the right shape or you should rethink your diet.
  • Visceral fat: Fat, whose function is to protect our organs. But it is not as easily recognizable as subcutaneous fat and therefore it is necessary to know it and watch its optimal amount. Its excessive amount can lead to serious illnesses.
  • Smart functions: The unique VITAL BODY smart app is compatible with Android 4.4. and later versions, iPhone4S and iOS 8.0, and with newer software versions. The energy-saving Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to transfer measured data to your smart device with the VITAL BODY application which you can download free of charge at the link provided. The scales automatically switches off, on and resets. There is a built-in overload and low battery indicator in the scales. In addition, it boasts its high weighing capacity of up to 180 kg with a resolution of 0.1 kg.
  • Easy to use: Just step on the scales, it turns on and weighs you automatically. It has a 6 mm thick glass weighing surface that is hygienic and easy to maintain. The scales is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included in the package. The scales will analyse 5 parameters such as height, weight, age, gender and biological resistance.

Technical parameters


Analytical personal scale with a smart app

* Combined with unique smart application, it helps to monitor, regularly record and evaluate the development of basic body characteristics
* Energy-saving BT (4.0) wireless technology to transmit measured data to VITAL BODY on mobile phones, tablets, etc.
* Maximum scales capacity up to 180kg/396lb/28st
* Resolution 100g; measurable range of body fat 3-50 %
* Glass weighing area
* Safety glass 6mm thick
* Weigh immediately – just step on the scale – it automatically turns on and weighs you
* Automatic power off, auto reset
* Overload indicator, low battery indicator
* Analysis by using 5 parameters - height, weight, age, gender, and biological resistance
* Easy and hygienic maintenance
* Powered by 4 AAA batteries (included)
* Compatible with Android 4.4 (a later); iPhone 4S and iOS 8.0 (and later)

VITAL BODY special application for smart devices
- many useful functions with analysis option
- displays, analyses and collects measured data after pairing with the scales - metabolic age, visceral fat, body fat, body water, muscles, bones, recommends minimum caloric intake and evaluates BMI
- displays the difference between the current and the last weighed value (including graphical illustration)
- all data are saved automatically and backed up in cloud which can be accessed via your own account
- however, it can be used quickly without login as well (visitor´s mode)
- app allows you to save or share your results in 4 basic modes
- data can synchronize also with another apps (Google Fit; Apple Health, Fitbit)
- your account matches automatically after login on another device
- theoretical background including FAQ section included
- memory for up to 8 people (insert: gender, age, height, name, custom photo and desired target weight)
- automatic user recognition
- more than 15 language mutations
- measurement units switch (kg/lb/st)
- allows you to set and track your target weight over any period of time
- weighing reminder function (alarm)
- child weighing mode
- designed for Android and iOS (can be downloaded for free from App Store / Google Play)

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- An analysis doesn´t provide any useful information to children under 10 years old or adults over 80 years old who take cardiovascular drugs; pregnant women or sportsmen who have a lot of muscle mass. Results can be misrepresented for these groups.
- The app is owned and operated by third entity (referred as “the Entity”), which is different from the company HP TRONIC Zlín, spol. s.r.o. (referred as “the Seller”). Personal data is not transferred between the Seller and the Entity. A customer transfers at registration his personal data directly to the Entity which becomes an administrator of the personal data. Application together with personal data protection are conformed to the Entity´s rules.

Measurement and analysis: by weight, bone mass, muscles, fat in the body, water in the body
Capacity: 180 kg
Number of memory locations: 10
Weighing accuracy: 100 g
Index: digital
Battery type: AAA
Number of batteries: 3
Batteries included: Yes
Low battery indication: Yes
Type of personal scales: diagnostic

Size of product:
Width: 30.0 cm
Height: 2.5 cm
Depth: 30.0 cm
Weight: 1.52 kg

Size of package:
Width: 32.5 cm
Height: 3.5 cm
Depth: 31.5 cm
Weight: 1.86 kg