Robotic vacuum cleaner ETA Aquilo PRO 7243 90000 black

SKU: ETA724390000
Robotic vacuum cleaner 4-in-1 with rotating mopping, self-cleaning and drying of mops, laser navigation, carpet recognition, and smart docking station.
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Let it handle all the cleaning for you, completely

With the ETA Aquilo PRO robotic vacuum cleaner, you can forget about cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with Laser+ 6.0  navigation, making it highly reliable during cleaning. It also comes with a multifunctional docking station that ensures dirt is sucked into the bag and provides automatic cleaning, moistening, and drying of mops during mopping.ETA Aquilo PRO

Intelligent laser navigation

The ETA Aquilo PRO robotic vacuum cleaner will quickly settle in at your place. The intelligent Laser+ 6.0 navigation scans the entire space in 360° and automatically divides your home into individual rooms. Thanks to the unique QUICK MAP function, it can create a map within a few minutes and start cleaning right away!

It won’t run out of power easily. With a high-quality 5,200 mAh Li-ion battery, it can clean for up to 180 minutes! Plus, its low noise level means you’ll hardly even notice it during cleaning.

ETA Aquilo PRO

It will surprise you with its suction power of 4,000 Pa, which you can rely on for thorough cleaning, including carpets. Plus, on carpets, it offers up to 4 levels of suction power.

Cleaning station for maximum convenience

Don’t worry about cleaning the vacuum cleaner. The docking station conceals 3 containers within its design – one for the dust bag, where the vacuum cleaner sucks up the dirt, another for clean water for mopping, and a third container for dirty water after mopping.

After vacuuming the ETA Aquilo PRO automatically returns to the docking station and sucks all the dust and dirt into a spacious dust bag (2.5L). You don’t have to worry about emptying the dirt container, just replace the dust bag once every few weeks.

Revolutionary mopping systém

Get ready for a true revolution in mopping, where you don’t have to lift a finger. The ETA Aquilo PRO robotic vacuum cleaner conceals two containers for mopping in its docking station – one for clean water (2.8L) and one for dirty water (2.4L). So, you will never run out of water while mopping.

ETA Aquilo PRO

For mopping, it uses a pair of round rotating mops, making the mopping much more thorough and efficient. The ETA Aquilo PRO robotic vacuum cleaner also returns to the docking station after every 8,10 or 12m2 (adjustable in the app), cleans the dirty mops, and sucks the water into the container for dirty water. Then, it dips the mops back into clean water. You can be confident that the vacuum cleaner always mops with clean water, ensuring thorough cleaning.

ETA Aquilo PRO

With the ULTRASONIC CARPET DETECTON feature, the vacuum cleaner recognizes carpets, maps them out, and automatically increases the power when vacuuming on them. On contrary, it successfully avoids carpets when mopping. So, you don’t have to worry  about the ETA Aquilo PRO leaving wet spots on the carpet without setting up restricted zones.

ETA Aquilo PRO  

After thoroughly cleaning all the rooms, the ETA Aquilo PRO robotic vacuum cleaner will return to the docking station and clean itself. It cleans the rotating mops with clean water, then dries them with a stream of air. All you need to do is empty the container for dirty water and refill it with clean water. And that’s it!

For cleaning, the ETA Aquilo PRO uses several different brushes:

  • A rotating brush with a floating system, specially designed for efficient dust collection on carpets and hard floors
  • A hybrid brush that combines bristles and fins, making it very effective for cleaning
  • The side brush is perfect for sweeping dust and dirt from the corners and along the walls

Brand new ETA AQUILO app

The new ETA AQUILO app gives you full control over the vacuum cleaner. In the app, you can choose from several cleaning modes, adjust attributes for mopping, and even schedule cleaning while you are away from home – even at work. With the multi-floor mapping feature, you can save multiple maps, which is ideal for multi-story family homes.

ETA Aquilo PRO

Speaks your language

The best part is that the app and the voice guidance are both in Czech, so you will have no problem understanding and communicating with the ETA Aquilo PRO vacuum cleaner.


You can easily pair the vacuum cleaner with your mobile phone using your Wi-Fi network. The ETA AQUILO app is available for free download on Google Play or the App Store, and it is compatible with Android 6.0 (and newer) and iOS 11.0 (and newer) operating systems.

Technical parameters


4-in-1 robotic vacuum cleaner with a smart app

The main benefits of the vacuum cleaner:

  • Perfect spatial orientation thanks to laser guidance – the laser sensor scans the room  in 360°
  • Convenient control through the ETA AQUILO app directly from your mobile phone or tablet
  • The app is available for FREE download on the Apple Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android)
  • The ETA AQUILO app is available in Czech
  • Multi-floor mapping – allows you to save multiple maps, which is ideal for multi-story homes
  • Wi-Fi support 2.4 GHz
  • Extra powerful 14.4 V Li-ion battery, 5200 mAh, providing strong performance and up to 180 minutes of runtime
  • ROTATION MOPPING SYSTEM – a pair of rotating mops for maximum mopping efficiency
  • MOP CLEANING AND DRYING – innovative function of automatic cleaning with warm water, moistening and drying of mops with warm air
  • Multifunctional docking station – ensures automatic dirt suction into the bag, automatic cleaning, moistening, and drying of mops, and charging of the vacuum cleaner
  • Dust bag volume in the waste bin of 2.5 L
  • Clean water tank volume of 2.8 L
  • Dirty water tank volume of 2.4 L
  • Dirt container volume in the vacuum cleaner of 320 ml
  • DIGITAL Engine – providing high performance and extra-long lifespan
  • Vacuums and mops in one step
  • ULTRASONIC CARPET DETECTION – the carpet recognition function prevents the vacuum cleaner from running onto the carpet while mopping
  • ANTI-COLLISION SYSTEM – sensors for touchless obstacle detection and gentle movement in the room
  • SMART TECHNOLOGY – intelligent sensors protect the robot from falling down the stairs
  • A rotating brush with a floating system, specially designed for efficient dust collection on carpets and hard floors
  • HYBRIDNÍ KARTÁČ – a combination of blades and bristles, suitable for carpets and hard floors, including mopping
  • High-quality HEPA filter
  • Charging time is approximately  4-5 hours.

The ETA AQUILO smart app:

  • Allows easy control and monitoring of the  ETA 7243 AQUILO PRO robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Intelligent cleaning planning – the ability to set individual days, hours, and cleaning modes
  • Creation of a map of the cleaned area
  • Automatic division of the household into individual rooms with the option to edit
  • Ability to save up to 5 different maps
  • Remote control capability outside of your home
  • Monitoring the current status and movement of the vacuum cleaner, including history
  • Choice of cleaning types: automatic cleaning, zone cleaning, spot cleaning, room cleaning, wall cleaning
  • 3 operating modes: vacuuming only, vacuuming + mopping, mopping only
  • Notification for maintenance of individual parts of the vacuum cleaner
  • Allows manual navigation of the vacuum cleaner
  • Function to mark carpets on the map
  • DO NOT DISTURB function
  • Control and setting of the multifunctional docking station: mop cleaning function, mop drying function, setting for automatic mop cleaning depending on the cleaned area (8 m2, 10 m2, 12 m2), setting for dirt suction into the dust bag (after each cleaning, after every second cleaning, after every third cleaning)
  • Suction power setting - 4 levels

Other vacuum cleaner specifications:

  • Connection of the vacuum cleaner to the app via Wi-Fi network
  • Side brush ensures cleanliness in corners and along walls
  • Automatic return to the docking station after cleaning
  • Suitable for cleaning all types of hard floors and carpets with a pile height of up to 1 cm
  • Mops an area of up to 120 m2 on one tank fill
  • Easily crosses transitions up to 2 cm
  • Vacuum height of 10 cm allows for cleaning under furniture
  • Compatible with Android 8.0 (and newer); iOS 10.0 (and newer)
  • Declared sound power level: 72 dB(A) re 1pW (vacuum cleaner) / 78 dB(A) re 1pW (docking station)

Accessories included in the package:

  • Multifunctional docking station
  • 2x side brush (1 pc installed, 1 pc spare)
  • 2x rotating disc for mopping
  • 4x mopping pads
  • 2x HEPA filter (1 pc installed, 1 pc spare)
  • 2x bag for suction unit (1 pc installed, 1 pc spare)
  • Cleaning tool
  • Cleaning brush

Additional accessories:

  • Dirty water container ETA724300010
  • Clean water container ETA724300200
  • Battery (14.4 V Li-ion, 5200 mAh) ETA724300210
  • Main brush ETA724300220
  • Main brush cover ETA724300230
  • Dirt container ETA724300240
  • HEPA filter ETA724300250
  • Mop (2 pcs) ETA724300260
  • Side brush ETA724300280
  • Dust bag (3 pcs) ETA724300450
  • Cleaning tool ETA724300460
  • Cleaning brush ETA724300470

Energy source: cordless (Li-ion)
Moping: Yes
Volume of dust bag or container: 2,5 l
Mobile application: Yes
Use: robotic vacuum cleaner with mop
Operating time per charge up to: 180 min
For animal hair: Yes
Color: black

Size of product:
Width: 41.0 cm
Height: 42.0 cm
Depth: 45.0 cm
Weight: 11.90 kg

Size of package:
Width: 54.0 cm
Height: 46.5 cm
Depth: 46.5 cm
Weight: 16.30 kg