Robotic vacuum cleaner ETA Aron 2512 90000

SKU: ETA251290000
Robotic vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 with a smart app, gyroscopic navigation, running time up to 120 minutes, and the heigh only 7.2 cm.
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Technical parameters


Robotic vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 with a smart app

Smart application ETA SMART
- Determined for comfortable using of ETA appliances through your smart device
- Enable easy command and control robotic vacuum cleaner ETA FALCO SMART
- Easy settings of the cleaning modes SMART (auto), KLASIK (ordinary), EDGE (alongside the walls), SPOT (local)
- Cleaning can be planned for different days and time
- Electronic regulation of the intensity of mopping – 3 levels
- 2 suction power levels
- The option of remote control outside of your household
- Monitoring of the activity of the vacuum cleaner and the battery charge status
- Enables also manual vacuum cleaner guidance
- Records the history of cleanings including the route (in the cleaning mode SMART)

Main characteristics of the vacuum cleaner:
* Vacuuming and mopping
* DIGITAL motor – ensures high power and extra-long running time
* GYRO NAVIGATION – for perfect orientation, the option of an optimal route, and maximal effectiveness of the cleaning
* ANTI-COLLISION SYSTEM – for contactless recognition of the obstacles
* SMART TECHNOLOGY – 12 motion sensors secure optimal motion and prevent falling down the stairs
* Triple filtration – including HEPA filter that captures even the smallest dust particles and dirt including mites
* 2 side brushes guarantee the cleanness in the corners and alongside the walls
* Automatic return to the charging dock after finishing the cleaning or when the battery is low
* SUPER SLIM DESING – with its height of 7.2 cm vacuums even under low furniture
* Volume of the dust container 3OO ml
* Li-ion accumulator ensuring long running time up to 120 minutes
* 4 cleaning modes: SMART (auto), KLASIK (ordinary), EDGE (alongside the walls), SPOT (local)
* 2 levels of suction power: standard and maximal
* 12 motion sensors – preventing falling down the stairs
* The option of programming the cleaning at any time – the robot cleans even when you are not at home
* Virtual wall enables to bound space thanks to an infrared beam where the vacuum cleaner should not clean
* Easily crosses the transition laths and inequalities up to the heigh of 1.5 cm
* Charging time – about 6 hours
* Accessories: charging dock, charging adapter, remote controller, cleaning tool, attachment for mopping with the water container 300 ml, 1x mop pad
* Accumulator 14.4 V Li-ion, 2400 mAh
* Noise 72 dB(A) re 1pW

Accessories included:
* Charging dock
* Charging adapter 100-240 V (AC) / 19 V (DC) 600 mA
* Remote controller
* Virtual wall
* Cleaning tool
* Attachment for mopping with the water container 300 ml
* 1x mop pad

* Supported frequency of Wi-Fi router 2.4 GHz
* Operating systems: Android 6.0 (and higher); IOS 9.0 (and higher)

Optional accessories:
Side brushes (left and right): ETA251200070
Set of HEPA filter and Foam cover: ETA251200090
Protective filter: ETA251200210
Attachment for mopping: ETA251200120
Mop: ETA251200260
Main brush: ETA251200150
Main rubber brush: ETA251200160
Charging dock: ETA251200200
Remote controller: ETA251200230
Cleaning tool: ETA251200250
Virtual wall: ETA251200290

Virtual wall: 1x virtual wall
Energy source: cordless (Li-ion)
Noise: 72 dB
Moping: Yes
Volume of dust bag or container: 0,3 l
Mobile application: Yes
Use: robotic vacuum cleaner with mop
Operating time per charge up to: 120 min
Height from: 7,2 cm
Type of floor: on hard floors, on the carpet
For animal hair: Yes
Cleaning planning: Yes
Recognition of obstacles: contactless
Navigation type: Gyroscopic navigation
Color: black

Size of product:
Width: 31.5 cm
Height: 7.5 cm
Depth: 32.0 cm
Weight: 3.36 kg

Size of package:
Width: 56.0 cm
Height: 38.0 cm
Depth: 12.5 cm
Weight: 5.00 kg