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Efficient robotic vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 with mopping function, digital motor, and laser navigation. It is possible to save more maps, running time up to 120 minutes.
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Be smart
Powerful and intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner ETA Navaggio 2 in 1 will take care of household cleaning for you. Not only that Navaggio vacuums, but also mops. You can conveniently identify the cleaning areas of the vacuum cleaner in the ETA Navaggio application, in which you will find many other functions, and options of the vacuum cleaner.

The very high performance of the ETA Navaggio Profi vacuum cleaner is ensured by a digital motor with an extra long service life. In addition to the motor, a high-quality Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3.200 mAh is hidden inside, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner lasts up to 120 minutes! If the robot still doesn´t manage to clean the area, it will return to the charging station before discharging and after charging it will resume where it left off. Charging the vacuum cleaner takes 3-4 hours.

The high suction power is accompanied by a high-quality HEPA filter, which prevents even the smallest particles from escaping into the air. This will please not only allergy sufferers, but also all households with pets.

ETA Navaggio doesn´t get lost
Thanks to an intelligent laser navigation, the ETA Navaggio Profi vacuums the entire room and cleaning is faster and more thorough than with previous types of navigation. It remembers tidy places and you can be sure that it will not miss any.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a non-contact ANTI-COLLISION system, which monitors obstacles and ensures gentle movement in the room. SMART TECHNOLOGY intelligent sensors, in turn, protect the robot from an unpleasant fall down the stairs. In the ETA Navaggio application, you can direct it to your taste and define specific forbidden zones where it simply cannot.

You will get along
For better communication, ETA Navaggio is equipped with voice guidance in English language.

Dirt has no chance
The robotic vacuum cleaner is not intimidated by any cleaning challenges. It is equipped with several types of brushes and a mop attachment for complete cleaning. In addition, it has an intelligent Floating system, which ensures elegant adhesion of the brush to any surface, and makes cleaning more efficient.

The hybrid brush, which consists of a combination of slats and bristles, is suitable for carpets (with a pile height of up to 1 cm) and hard floors, including mopping. It will efficiently and gently take care of tiles, carpet, parquets, and linoleum.

You can use the fine brush with extra fine hairs for delicate floors or for collecting fine dust and hair.

The side brushes, in turn, effectively sweep away dirt and dust along the walls. ETA Navaggio Profi will take care of a really thorough cleaning.

Finally, it wipes the vacuumed floor. After fitting the mop attachment and the 260 ml water tank, the robot will give your floor a well-deserved shine. Thanks to the electronic moping function, you can adjust the intensity of humidification to the given surface or pollution in the application.

Thanks to its compact height of 9.5 cm, the robotic vacuum cleaner can clean even under lower furniture and will fit into any gap. It is held on the floor by durable drive wheels, which overcome unevenness very well. The transition rails and thresholds up to a height of 1.5 cm do not cause it any problems.

Multi-storey space mapping
The ETA Navaggio Profi robotic vacuum cleaner with laser navigation is perfectly familiar with your home. The multi-storey mapping function allows it to memorize up to 5 maps and thus is an ideal solution for multi-storey houses.

The vacuum cleaner can create a map even without a long initial cleaning. All you have to do is to scan rooms and all maps will be stored on your phone. You can create new restricted zones on each floor, which it should avoid and set different cleaning modes.

Smart app for smart cleaning
Take cleaning to a new level. ETA Navaggio can handle up to 6 cleaning modes! Without the application, only the automatic mode is available, in which the vacuum cleaner systematically cleans the entire space and then searches for the charging station. If the vacuum cleaner manages to discharge before it finishes the cleaning, it will search for the charging station in time and after charging it will continue where it left off.

With the smart application, you can not only control the vacuum cleaner comfortably with your mobile phone, but also extend its use by several functions. The mobile phone communicates with the vacuum cleaner via your home Wi-Fi network. With a smart app, cleaning will be a breeze!

The already mentioned moping function is available in the application. You can select the moping intensity between three levels - low, medium and high.

You will certainly appreciate the cleaning function along the walls, where the vacuum cleaner uses side brushes to find all the forgotten tufts of dust.

You can use local cleaning in case of accidents with spilled coffee or rice. ETA Navaggio will only clean a specific place, such as crumbs under the table after a hearty lunch.

If you only want to clean one room, use zone cleaning. In the application, you choose a bedroom or a children's room and leave the rest to the robot. Since it knows you perfectly, you can be sure that it will clean only where you want.

Thorough cleaning will certainly come in handy after a demanding celebration or before the arrival of a visit. In this mode, ETA Navaggio cleans the apartment or house twice.
Technical parameters


Robotic vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 with a smart app

Main advantages of the vacuum cleaner
* Perfect orientation thanks to laser navigation – laser sensor scans the room in 360°
* Comfortable control thanks to smart application ETA NAVAGGIO from mobile phone or tablet
* Application can be downloaded for FREE in Czech language from Apple Store (for IOS operating system) or Google Play (for Android operating system)
* Multi-storey mapping – enables to store more maps, ideal solution for multi-storey houses
* Support 5 and 2.4 GHz WIFI network
* HYBRID BRUSH – combination of lamellas and bristles, suitable for carpets and hard floors, including mopping
* ELECTRONIC MOPPING - the intensity of humidification can be electronically regulated directly in the application as required

* Quality filtration thanks to HEPA filter
* DIGITAL Motor – ensures high performance and extra-long lifetime
* Vacuum and mop in one step
* ANTI-COLLISION SYSTEM – for contactless obstacles recognition and gentle movement in rooms
* SMART TECHNOLOGY – intelligent sensors prevent the vacuum cleaner from falling down the stairs
* Efficient Li-Ion accumulator 3200 mAh with the running time up to 120 minutes
* Charging time about 3-4 hours

Smart application ETA NAVAGGIO
 - Intelligent cleaning planning – option of setting days, time with the option of setting the rooms
 - Automatic division of rooms after obtaining a map with the possibility of subsequent editing
 - Delimitation of forbidden zones (up to 10) and zones for current zone cleaning (up to 10)
 - Creation of up to 5 maps of vacuumed spaces
 - In case of connection with internet network, the vacuum cleaner can be remotely controlled even outside of your household
 - Monitoring of the current state and movement of the vacuum cleaner; including the history
 - Vacuum cleaner can be controlled from more user accounts
 - Cleaning modes: automatic, zone, room cleaning, local, double
 - Notice when the maintenance of individual parts is needed
 - Enables also manual vacuum cleaner guidance
 - DO NOT DISTURB function in adjustable day time
 - Suction power and mopping intensity setting – 3 levels

Further specification:
* Connection between the vacuum cleaner and the app through Wi-Fi network
 * Volume of container for dirt 300 ml, water tank volume 180 ml
* Side brush guarantee corners and alongside the walls to be well cleaned
* Automatically returns into the charging dock and charge of accumulator
* Suitable for cleaning all types of hard floors and carpets up to the height of 1 cm
* Easily passes ledges and unevennesses up to the height of 1.5 cm
* With its height 9.4 cm it is able to vacuum also under the furniture
* Compatible with Android 4.4 (and higher); iPhone4S and iOS 9.0 (and higher)
* Declared acoustic noise level 72 dB(A) re 1pW

Accessories included in the package:
 - Charging dock
 - Charging adapter
 - 2x spare side brush
 - Mopping attachment
 - 1x mop pad
 - 1x cleaning tool

Optional accessories:
Main brush ETA222800150
Side brush ETA222800260
HEPA filter ETA222800240
Mop pad ETA222800250
Charging dock ETA222800230
Charging adapter ETA222800220

Virtual wall: yes, in the mobile app
Energy source: cordless (Li-ion)
Noise: 72 dB
Moping: Yes
Volume of dust bag or container: 0,3 l
Mobile application: Yes
Use: robotic vacuum cleaner with mop
Operating time per charge up to: 120 min
Height from: 9,4 cm
Type of floor: on the carpet, on hard floors
For animal hair: Yes
Cleaning planning: Yes
Recognition of obstacles: contactless
Navigation type: Laser navigation
Color: black

Size of product:
Width: 35.0 cm
Height: 9.5 cm
Depth: 35.0 cm
Weight: 4.42 kg

Size of package:
Width: 54.0 cm
Height: 42.0 cm
Depth: 13.5 cm
Weight: 6.20 kg