Stand clothes steamer ETA Victoria 0270 90000 white/blue

SKU: ETA027090000
ETA VICTORIA hand steamer with the ANTI CALC function preventing scaling, with 1200 W power input and up to 18 minutes of steaming.
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Manual cloth steamer

Are you in a hurry to a meeting and you find out that you have a creased shirt or blouse? The ETA Victoria manual cloth steamer is just for you. By using hot steam it can make the finishing, smoothing of creases, and the removal of tiny dirt from your garment very efficiently and quickly. It is very gentle on all types of fabric, including delicate linen such as silk or satin.

Quickly iron net curtains, curtains, upholstery, but also jackets and coats that can only be cleaned with dry cleaning. With a removable 250ml water tank, it can deliver steam for up to 18 minutes.

ETA Victoria

Smart and easy control

One of the main advantages is the touch control which is more convenient for the operator. The 6-nozzle stainless steel surface discharges steam automatically and continuously for excellent results. You can set two intensity levels of steam generation with a maximum steam volume of 25g per minute. The ANTI CALC function prevents scale build-up, extending the life of the device. It has a light indicator for heating and steam generation, as well as a safety thermal lock and safety electronics for automatic shutdown. The power input of the steamer is 1200 W. The advantage is also the extra long 3m power cable.

ETA Victoria


The package includes a funnel for easy water filling into the tank and a brush to remove fibres, hair, lint and dirt.

Technical parameters


Handheld garment steamer

* Hot steam for efficient and instant touch-ups, crease and dirt removal from garment
* Safe to use on all types of fabric (e.g. curtains, net curtains, upholstery, blankets, table cloths), including fine fabrics (e.g. silk)
* Ideal for maintenance of coats which can only be dry cleaned
* Two steam production intensity settings (max. 25 g/min)
* Removable water tank for easy refill
* Water tank capacity: aprox, 250 ml = up to 18 minutes of steaming
* Stainless steel soleplate with 7 steam nozzles
* Extra long power cord 3 m for comfortable usage
* Light signalisation of steam heating and preparation
* Lockable steam output button = no need to keep the button pressed when steaming
* Input 1200 W
* ANTI CALC prevents limescale establishment
* AUTO - SHUT OFF safety electronics for automatic shut off (10 minutes)

* Brush for removing hair, fibres, lumps and dirts
* Funnel for easy water refill

Type steamers: to hand
Power: 1200 W
The volume of the reservoir (water): 250 ml
Steam power: 25 g/min
Safety shutdown: Yes
Descaling: Yes
The anti-drip: No

Size of product:
Width: 18.0 cm
Height: 28.0 cm
Depth: 11.5 cm
Weight: 1.08 kg

Size of package:
Width: 30.5 cm
Height: 17.0 cm
Depth: 13.0 cm
Weight: 1.30 kg