Steam Cleaner ETA Azurit 2267 90000 white/blue

SKU: ETA226790000
Steam mop and hand-operated cleaner 2 in 1 steams and mops in one. The steam, that is ready in 30 seconds, disinfects and cleans different surfaces and materials.
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Powerful steam mop and hand cleaner in one appliance cracks down efficiently with all the dirt. You can say goodbye to the bucket once and for all. ETA Azurit steams and mops in one step and is very gentle on all cleaned surfaces. In the end, it will leave your household hygienically clean!

Full speed ahead!
The ETA Azurit steam cleaner with a power input of 1500 W hides the power of several helpers. With a wide range of accessories, you can clean not only different types of floors, but also bathrooms, sinks, joints or interiors and car wheels. The ETA Azurit steam cleaner is ready for operation within 30 seconds, as it heats and pumps the water gradually.

Steam cleaning is not only economical, but also saves the environment. With the ETA Azurit steam cleaner, you can do without various chemical preparations, all you need is water. In addition, hot steam kills up to 99 % of bacteria and effectively disinfects all surfaces. The steam cleaner will create a hygienically clean environment in your home quickly, easily and without detergents.

With a 400 ml water tank, ETA Azurit gives you up to 15 minutes of steam. However, if this is not enough for you, thanks to the removable tank, you can easily add water at any time. And calmly from the tap! Thanks to the protective filter against limescale deposits, you do not have to worry about buying distilled water.

Rich in accessories
You will definitely appreciate the flat mini scraper to remove dry and stubborn dirt in the oven or when defrosting the freezer. If you need to clean difficult to access places, a flexible extension hose will come in handy.

With the round nylon brush, you can easily clean joints in bathtubs or showers, joints between tiles or blinds. The brass brush will help you get rid of very resistant dirt from grills or grills in the oven, and you will use the large round brush to clean large areas.

The package also includes a window squeegee, with which you can wash windows and other flat surfaces.

The mop fabric will be suitable for floors, which is suitable for cleaning hard floors, parquets, and tiles. With the ETA Azurit steam cleaner, however, you don't even have to worry about carpets, which you can clean and refresh with a special attachment.

Safety first
You can use the ETA Azurit steam cleaner without any worries. The safety thermal fuse takes care of your safety. A protective filter fights against limescale deposits, thanks to which you can also use tap water. Thanks to the clear light signaling, you will have an overview of the heating and the prepared steam.
Technical parameters


Steam mop and hand-operated cleaner 2 in 1

* Can be used as hand steam cleaner, or stick steam mop
* Steam and mop at once
* Thanks to the hot steam very efficiently disinfect different surfaces and materials, removes dirt, dissolves grease, wipes dirt, etc.
* Wide range of accessories enables cleaning of floors, bathroom, sinks, WC, radiators, grills, clutches, window frames, upholstery, interiors, car wheel, etc.
* Ecologic and economic cleaning – without the need to use chemical preparations
* Gentle to cleaned surfaces
* Automatic regulation and steam creation output
* Very quick steam preparation to 30 seconds
* Water tank volume: about 400 ml = up to 15 minutes of steam
* Automatic pumping water from the tank
* Integrated pump
* Immediate water refill possibility thanks to removable water tank
* Protective water filter against limescale sediments
* Tap water can be used
* Safety thermal fuse in case of careless operation
* Light signalization of heating and prepared steam
* Water tank in the hose with the possibility of adding cleaner
* Flexible joint of the mop nozzle
* Simple manipulation and replacement of accessories
* Power cord length about 5 m
* Input 1500 W

Wide range of accessories:
* Flexible extension hose 85 cm
* Flat mini scraper
* Curved steam nozzle
* Brush for clutches
* Nylon round brush
* Large round brush
* Brass round brush
* Wide squeegee fir windows, straight surfaces, and tiles
* Mop hose with integrated tank and brush
* 1x mop pad from microfiber
* Attachment for carpet cleaning
* Removable handle with a holder for power cord fastening

Type: steam cleaner
Integrated handheld unit: Yes
Power: 1500 W
Warm Up Time: 0,5 min
Cable length: 5 m

Size of product:
Width: 32.0 cm
Height: 111.0 cm
Depth: 24.0 cm
Weight: 3.24 kg

Size of package:
Width: 25.0 cm
Height: 61.5 cm
Depth: 23.5 cm
Weight: 4.55 kg