Steam mop ETA Steam Master 3234 90000 blue

SKU: ETA323490000
Steam mop, handheld steam cleaner and stick vacuum cleaner in one appliance - vacuum cleaner ETA Steam Master is a multifunctional helper for quick and easy cleaning of different surface types.
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A stick vacuum cleaner with a steam mop ETA Steam Master manages cleaning of the whole household. It vacuums, steams and mops in one step, and thus it replaces stick steam mop, stick vacuum cleaner and handheld steam cleaner.

Sooner is better than later
Its superpower is indisputably hot steam, thanks to which it is possible to disinfect different kinds of surfaces and materials and greasy stains. Steam of your chosen intensity is ready immediately, so that you can start cleaning within only 30 seconds. A full water tank ensures 20 minutes of running time, nevertheless, you can refill the tank anytime and continue to clean uninterruptedly. Moreover, you don´t need to worry about limescale as the mop is equipped with a filter.

Give dirt no chance
A cyclonic vacuuming system captures all particles into a special bagless bin with a filter. Therefore, you can easily forget about buying new bags for the vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to empty the bin, as well as to control the vacuum cleaner or replace the accessories.

Furthermore, you can change the ETA Steam Master into a handheld steam cleaner. It takes care of dirty corners, joints or on slats.

Think ECO
To say it in just one word, cleaning with a steam cleaner ETA Steam Master is simply friendly – friendly and gentle to the cleaned surfaces, environment-friendly and money saving. As hot steam steams dirt, there is no need to make no hard effort or to use wire wool. You can do without any detergents, thereby it is friendly to the environment and to your budget.

Fashionable accessories
ETA Steam Master is a real universal helper, thanks to the wide range of accessories. It stops at nothing – washing floors, bathrooms, sinks, WC, radiators, grills, joints, window frames, upholstery, interior or wheels of your car.

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ETA Steam Master comes with:
Flexible hose
Concentrated conical nozzle
Joint brush
Nylon round brush
Brass round brush
Mop attachment
Handle with a hitch for attaching powercord
Wall bracket
Technical parameters


Steam mop and Stick Vacuum Cleaner 3 v 1

* Can be used as:
- Steam mop
- Handheld steam cleaner
- or Stick vacuum cleaner

* Vacuum, steam and mop in one step
* Efficiently sanitizes various kinds of surfaces and materials, cleans greasy floors, eliminates bacteria
* Wide range of accessories enables you to clean floors, bathroom, sink, WC, radiators, grills, window frames, upholstery, car´s interior and wheels
* Ecological and economical cleaning - with no need of using harsh chemicals
* Gentle to the cleaned surfaces
* Steam production settings
* Steam pressure: 1 bar
* Very quick steam production - ready up to 30 seconds
* Water tank capacity: about 350 ml = up to 20 minutes of steaming
* It is possible to add water immediately thanks to the removable water tank
* Water filtering system protects the steam mop from limescale
* Light operation signalisation
* Flexible pivoting mop head
* Easy manipulation and attachments replacement
* ON / OFF switch
* Dustbin capacity 0.6 l
* A special bagless bin with gradual dirt capture and filter placed near outputing part
* Cyclonic vacuuming system (no need of bag replacement)
* Power cord length 8 m
* Input 1800 W
* Claimed acoustic noise level 88 dB(A) re 1pW

Wide range of accessories:
* Flexible hose
* Concentrated conical nozzle
* Joint brush
* Nylon round brush
* Brass round brush
* Mop attachment
* Handle with a hitch for attaching powercord
* Wall bracket

Type: steam mop
Integrated handheld unit: Yes
Power: 1800 W
Maximum operating pressure: 1 bar
Warm Up Time: 0,5 min
Cable length: 8 m

Size of product:
Width: 26.5 cm
Height: 117.5 cm
Depth: 24.5 cm
Weight: 6.10 kg

Size of package:
Width: 31.0 cm
Height: 72.5 cm
Depth: 22.5 cm
Weight: 7.66 kg