Tooth brush ETA Sonetic 0707 90000 white

SKU: ETA070790000
ETA SONETIC - MOVE+ sonic technology, microBUBBLES technology, smart 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals and 3.7V battery.
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Give your teeth the best care
A revolutionary dental care technology. Great for preventing and resolving dental problems.
If you have sensitive teeth and are looking for a suitable option for their cleaning, the ETA SONETIC tooth brush is the right one for you. The toothbrush removes plaque and cleans interdental spaces better than conventional manual toothbrushes. It helps to prevent tooth decay, tartar, gingival bleeding, gingivitis, bad breath and periodontitis. It has three cleaning modes: intensive and gentle cleaning and a massage mode for better blood circulation in the gums. Healthy gums mean healthy teeth. The brush head is specially designed to accurately follow the shape of teeth and the gum line. It perfectly removes all dirt.

Smart and efficient toothbrush
The toothbrush is gentle on teeth and gums, thanks to the microBUBBLES technology and MOVE+ sonic technology, it can brush teeth with up to 31,000 movements per minute to remove plaque and bacteria more effectively. It has a very long charge life thanks to a 3.7V Li-ion battery. The smart 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals evenly cleans individual parts of the oral cavity. It is ideal for everyday oral hygiene, for cleaning implants, fixed braces, bridges and crowns. Toothbrushes are waterproof and fall under the IPx7 group.

Complete equipment
For complete and effective tooth cleaning, the package includes two colour-coded brush heads with quality bristles. There is also a charging stand with wireless technology and a storage compartment for accessories. It also has operation and charging light indication.

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Technical parameters


Sonic tooth brush

* Gentle teeth and gums cleaning thanks to a sonic technology MOVE+ (up to 31000 RPM)
* The brush is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth and gums prone to bleading (helps to keep gums healthy)
* Removes plaque, dirt and bacteria from interdental spaces better than usual manual brushes - microBUBBLES technology efficiently cleans interdental spaces
* Color-coded brushes with quality bristles (DuPont)
* Extra long duration
* 3 cleaning modes: intensive, gentle and massagge
* Smart 2 minutes timer notifies you every 30 seconds that you should move and clean next part of your oral cavity
* Works on accumulator - 3.7 V Li-ion
* Bezdrátová (indukční) technologie nabíjení pro pohodlnou a bezpečnou obsluhu (vodotěsný povrch)
* Cordless (inductive) technology of charging for comfortable and safe manipulation (waterproof coating)
* Waterproof coating IPX7
* Easy attachment replacement
* Light signalisation of operation and charging
* Extended warranty on motor for 3 years

* 2x brush heads
* Charging dock with a stand

* Spare brush heads for purchase (ETA 070790100; ETA 070790200; ETA 070790300 a ETA 070790400)

Cleaning technology: Sonic
Determination: For adults
Energy source: Rechargeable battery
Equipment, functions: Timer
Quality mark dTest: No

Size of product:
Width: 7.0 cm
Height: 27.5 cm
Depth: 12.0 cm
Weight: 0.31 kg

Size of package:
Width: 18.0 cm
Height: 28.0 cm
Depth: 5.5 cm
Weight: 0.50 kg