Tooth brush ETA Sonetic 0710 90010 pink

SKU: ETA071090010
ETA SONETIC - the MOVE+ sonic technology, microBUBBLES technology, smart 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals and 3.7V battery.
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The best care for your teeth
A revolutionary dental care technology. Great for prevention and growth of new teeth.
Even the youngest ones need careful care, especially to ensure that their teeth develop properly and grow into healthy and strong teeth.
ETA SONETIC is a suitable option for their proper cleaning. The toothbrush removes plaque and cleans interdental spaces better than conventional manual toothbrushes. It helps to prevent tooth decay, tartar or gingivitis. It has two cleaning modes: intensive and gentle cleaning. Healthy gums mean healthy teeth.

Smart and efficient toothbrush
This is a toothbrush specially developed for children. It is gentle when brushing teeth and gums. Thanks to the microBUBBLES technology and MOVE+ sonic technology, it can clean teeth with up to 16,000 movements per minute to remove plaque and bacteria more effectively. It has a very long battery life depending on the type of battery used. It can last 3 to 7 months in everyday use. A clever 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals evenly cleans individual parts of the oral cavity and indicates individual cleaning stages. Ideal for daily oral hygiene.
The toothbrush is backlit to make cleaning more enjoyable for your kids.

Complete equipment
Two toothbrushes are included in the packaging. One for children aged 3-6 and one for children aged 7-10. Toothbrushes are equipped with high quality soft DuPont bristles for sensitive children's teeth and gums. The handle is ergonomically shaped so that children can comfortably hold it and it will not slip out of their hand. The whole product is waterproof so it can get wet. The toothbrush is powered by 1 AAA battery that is included.
Technical parameters


Kids sonic toothbrush

* Gentle teeth and gums cleaning thanks to a sonic technology MOVE+
* Extra long duration (up to 3 to 7 months when used for 2x2 minutes daily based on the type of battery)
* Removes plaque, dirt and bacteria from interdental spaces better than usual manual brushes - microBUBBLES technology efficiently cleans interdental spaces
* Smart 2 minutes timer notifies you every 30 seconds that you should move and clean next part of your oral cavity
* Colorful light for more fun cleaning and attracting the child's attention
* The package includes 2 toothbrushes (1x for children 3-6 years, 1x 7-10 years)
* The brushes are equipped with high-quality fine DuPont bristles
* Waterproof coating
* Easy replacement of attachments
* Ergonomic rubberized handle
* Operation on 1 AAA battery (included)

Optional replacement heads
* Spare head, toothbrush 3-6 let, 2 pcs (ETA071090100)
* Spare head, toothbrush 7-10 let, 2 pcs (ETA071090200)

Cleaning technology: Sonic
Determination: For kids
Energy source: Battery
Equipment, functions: Timer
Quality mark dTest: No

Size of product:
Width: 2.5 cm
Height: 17.5 cm
Depth: 2.5 cm
Weight: 0.03 kg

Size of package:
Width: 8.0 cm
Height: 23.5 cm
Depth: 4.0 cm
Weight: 0.08 kg