Tooth brush ETA Tooth Fairy 1294 90050 red color

SKU: ETA129490050
Cleaning children's teeth with joy and desire with ETA ToothFairy. Children's design, stickers, rotary head, practical stand with a cup and sand timer.
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Tooth cleaning does not belong to popular activities for children. However this obligation can be make more pleasant by correct and popular aids.

They can cover also ETA Zubnička tooth brush in red finish.

The pack contains decorative stand in child design, battery tooth brush, two brushes, dish and practical sand glass.

It is available in red finish for girls or in blue one for boys.
Technical parameters


Children's battery toothbrush

* Gentle and effective teeth cleaning
* Toothbrush head performs vibrational motion with frequency 4500 oscillations per minute
* Detachable cleaning heads with different colors for each family member
* Long runtime toothbrush
* Waterproof toothbrush
* 2 min hourglass
* Water cup
* Easy operation and maintenance
* Decorated holder
* Operation on 2 pieces of AAA batteries
* (Spare toothbrush heads ETA1294 90500)

Cleaning technology: Rotary-oscillating 3D
Energy source: Battery
Equipment, functions: Timer

Size of product:
Width: 14.5 cm
Height: 21.5 cm
Depth: 8.0 cm
Weight: 0.17 kg

Size of package:
Width: 14.5 cm
Height: 22.0 cm
Depth: 7.5 cm
Weight: 0.32 kg