Trimmer multifunctional ETA Austin 8345 90000 black

SKU: ETA834590000
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Technical parameters

Type of trimmer: hair cutter
Cutting knife material: titanium
Use and maintenance: non washable
Self-sharpening knives: No
Number of attachments in the package: 9
Energy source: cordless (Li-ion), AC 230V
The operating time: 60 min
Charging time: 1,5 hrs
Cutting without attachment: Yes
Travel case: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 17.0 cm
Height: 4.0 cm
Depth: 4.0 cm
Weight: 0.40 kg

Size of package:
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 19.5 cm
Depth: 9.0 cm
Weight: 0.53 kg