Vacuum cleaner rod ETA Fortis 7224 90000 black/blue

SKU: ETA722490000
Stick vacuum cleaner vacuums, deeply cleans, and disinfect in one step. Thanks to a 25.2 V Li-ion accumulator the vacuum cleaner lasts up to 45 minutes in operation.
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Tiles, vinyl and parquet
If you are not a fan of carpets and prefer hard floors at home, you will simply fall in love with the ETA Fortis vacuum cleaner! It perfectly takes care of all types of hard floors - tiles, vinyl floors and wooden parquets.

With the ETA Fortis stick vacuum cleaner, you will actually enjoy cleaning. In one step, it can vacuum, wipe and dry the floor. At the same time, it also effectively disinfects the floor with UV light and kills up to 99.9 % of bacteria. This will keep your home hygienically clean.

Convenient cleaning without pulling cables
With the powerful ETA Fortis vacuum cleaner, you can comfortably clean without pulling unnecessary cables and buckets. Vacuums and wipes the floor in one step. When wiping, do not be afraid to add cleaning agents and give your floors the best care. The vacuum cleaner simply takes care of spilled liquids and the rotary brush removes even dirt. In addition, effective water filtration prevents dust and dirt from escaping back into the air.

The strong suction power of the ETA Fortis vacuum cleaner is ensured by a powerful 25.2 V Li-Ion battery and boasts a lifespan of up to 45 minutes. You can clean the whole household without worrying about premature discharge of the vacuum cleaner.

You can regulate the suction power with a practical button. You can take advantage of the lower ECO performance in classic cleaning, where you prefer longer life with energy savings. For more demanding cleaning challenges, switch to MAX and crack down the dirt. Subsequent charging of the vacuum cleaner takes 4-6 hours.

You can monitor all functions, operating time, and battery status on the clear LED display. You will have full control over the cleaning.

Simple operation and easy maintenance
The heavy and unyielding stick vacuum cleaners are out nowadays. The ETA Fortis vacuum cleaner has a low center of gravity for really easy operation, and thanks to the practical swivel joint, it is easy to handle. The ETA Fortis vacuum cleaner holds stability well and stands without support. During cleaning, you can safely store it in the middle of the room. Are you done with cleaning? Place the vacuum cleaner in the charging dock, where you can store accessories in addition to the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning is facilitated by a rotary microfiber brush, which is used for more gentle cleaning and is also suitable for more delicate floors. To remove coarse or dried dirt, use the spiral rotary brush, which is also included in the package.

The path to a clean household leads through a clean vacuum cleaner. However, ETA Fortis will make its maintenance as easy as possible. The SELF-CLEAN self-cleaning system thoroughly cleans the vacuum cleaner's bowels at the touch of a button, simply rinsing the containers in water.
Technical parameters


Vacuum cleaner and cleaner of hard floors 4 in 1

* Vacuums, deeply cleans with water, dries, and disinfect in one step
* Specially design for the maintenance of all hard floors (wooden, linoleum, vinyl, tiles, parquets, floating floor, etc.)
* Comfortable cleaning without useless cables
* Water filtration prevents dust leakage back to the air
* Rotary brush effectively removes also settles dirt
* Mops even with the use of cleaner
* Vacuums also liquids
* Strong motor
* Highly efficient vacuuming
* 2 power levels
* Efficient Li-Ion accumulator 25.2 V / 4900 mAh ensures strong suction power
* Long operating time – up to 45 minutes
* Quality HEPA filter
* Charging time 4-6 hours
* Well-arranged LCD display
* Light signalization of operation, and charging with low battery indicator
* Clean water container 0.68 L
* Dirt container 0.45 L
* UV lamp for disinfection of floors from viruses and bacteria
* Special Self Clean function
* Removable and easy-to-wash rotary brush
* Ergonomic handle with the control elements for easy control
* Simple control, and easy maintenance
* Easy manipulation thanks to flexible joint
* Low center of gravity for EASY CONTROL

* High stability – can be stand everywhere

Energy source: cordless (Li-ion)
Hand and stick vacuum cleaner 2in1: No
Filter type: water filtration
The operating time: 45 min
Noise: 75 dB
Wet cleaning: Yes
Volume of dust bag or container: 0,45 l
Nozzle with light: Yes
Battery system: none
For animal hair: No

Size of product:
Width: 32.5 cm
Height: 115.5 cm
Depth: 31.5 cm
Weight: 5.41 kg

Size of package:
Width: 31.5 cm
Height: 65.5 cm
Depth: 32.5 cm
Weight: 7.40 kg