Vacuum cleaner rod ETA Milio 4446 90000 gray

SKU: ETA444690000
Stick and hendheld vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 is equipped with LI-ION accumulator for easy cordless vacuuming.
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A stick vacuum cleaner ETA Milio Li-ion is a convenient helper, which can be easily transformed into a compact handheld vacuum cleaner. Thus, it can easily handle with dirt floors as well as sofa or your car´s interior.

Lights up on dirt
A head of ETA Milio vacuum cleaner is equipped with LED diodes, which lighten the space in front of vacuum cleaner. Playing hide and seek with dust in the corners or under the sofa, you surely win every time.
A floor nozzle is equipped with a rotary electric brush, which excels in capturing dirt from carpets as well as parquets and other hard floors. It is very efficient, but gentle – it gets the surfaces rid of dust, nevertheless it doesn´t scratch it. High vacuuming effectivity and strong suction power, in which ETA Million Li-ion excels in the category of stick vacuum cleaners, are ensured thanks to a cyclonic filtration system and quality HEPA filter.

Manipulation is easy and elegant thanks to a flexible joint with a rotary system TWIST and low weight.

Don´t be limited neither by power cord nor dust bags
Cordless vacuum cleaner ETA Milio provides you with up to 25 minutes of running time for one charge, thanks to a quality 18 V Li-ion accumulator. Charging time is only 4 hours, after that it´s ready to capture all dirt again. The dirt is captured into a dustbin of 0.4 l capacity, which can be easily emptied. Thus, you don’t have to remember to buy new dust bags all the time.

The vacuum cleaner can be stored in a convenient stand with integrated charging adapter. Charging process, fully charged battery and operation is signalized by light.

Accessory right at your hand
Vacuum cleaner´s handle offers you also a space for the attachments that you get with ETA Milio Li-ion. You can find a cushion nozzle for soft textile surfaces and upholstery, a crevice nozzle for vacuuming of narrow and hardly accessible places, and a brush with soft bristles, which gently cleans dust and spider nets from furniture or pictures.
Technical parameters


Stick and handheld vacuum cleaner 2 in 1

* Vacuum and mop in one step
* Runtime up to 50 minutes
* Water tank capacity - 150 ml = covers up to 40 m2 of mopping
* Accumulator 21.6 V Li-ion
* Possibility to add detergent
* 2 suction power levels
* Stick and hendheld vacuum cleaner 2 in one
* Can be used as hendheld vacuum cleaner as well
* Cordless operation - accumulatior 18 V Li-ion
* Runtime up to 25 minutes for one charge
* Recessed electric brush for maximal suction efficiency
* Cyclonic filtration system for improved effectiveness
* Useful LED light on the head lighten space in front of the vacuum cleaner
* Vacuum cleaner´s handle with charging system
* Charging time about 4 hours
* Light operation and charging signalisation
* Ergonomically shaped handle with comfortable manipulation
* Space efficiency, collapsible handle and low weight enable easy storage and simple manipulation
* Space for power cord winding
* Simple manipulation and easy maintenance
* Moder and elegant design
* Acoustic noise level 81 dB(A)

* Voltage 230 V AC / 18 V DC
* Input 80 W
* Dustbin capacity 0.4 l

* Quality HEPA filter captures even the smallest microparticles

* Rotary electric brush is intended to be used on parquets and other hard floors (floating floor, tiles, linoleum). A soft brush prevent floor from scratching
* Cushion nozzle – carefuly vacuums soft textile surfaces, such as upholstery or cushions
* Crevice nozzle – suitable for vacuuming narrow and hardly accessible spaces (radiator ribs, behind furniture, etc.)
* Brush with soft fibre bristles helps to clean places which demand gentle care (on the furniture, walls or pictures, ets.)
* A stand with a built-in charging adapter for practical storage of the vacuum cleaner and its attachments

Energy source: cordless (Li-ion)
Hand and stick vacuum cleaner 2in1: Yes
Filter type: without sachets
The operating time: 25 min
Noise: 81 dB
Volume of dust bag or container: 0,4 l
Nozzle with light: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 28.0 cm
Height: 115.0 cm
Depth: 21.0 cm
Weight: 3.72 kg

Size of package:
Width: 25.0 cm
Height: 58.0 cm
Depth: 20.5 cm
Weight: 4.61 kg