Vacuum cleaner rod ETA Moneto II AQUA PLUS 8453 90000

SKU: ETA845390000
Powerful 3-in-1 stick and handheld vacuum with mopping function and up to 50 minutes of runtime. Adjustable suction power, integrated electric brush, LED lights
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Are you looking for the ideal helper for your household?

The practical ETA Moneto II AquaPlus vacuum cleaner is the right choice for those of you who don’t want to spend more time on cleaning than necessary. It is a stick and handheld vacuum with a mop, allowing you to vacuum and mop the floor in one step.

In one device, you will have three powerful helpers ready to keep your household pleasantly clean without unnecessary effort.

Powerful assistant for cleaning various surfaces

Thanks to the option to choose from two levels of suction power, the vacuum cleaner adapts to different surfaces. Quality HEPA filter ensures effective filtration. Plus, with the LED lighting on the nozzle, you won’t miss any dirt, and you will keep your household pleasantly clean. The battery status will be indicated by a light signal.

The integrated electric brush will also help you with cleaning, as it is specially designed for vacuuming parquet and hard floors.

Cleaning won’t be a nightmare anymore

With the 25.2V Li-ion battery, which keeps the vacuum cleaner running for up to 50 minutes, you can clean the entire house at once. The battery charging time is approximately 5 hours. The package includes a mopping attachment with a 150ml tank capacity for cleaning floors up to 40 m2. Floor cleaning will now be easier than ever before, and compared to traditional floor mopping, you will also save a significant amount of water.

Choose the right attachment according to your needs

Among the vacuum cleaner accessories, you will find a rotating parquet nozzle, a crevice nozzle, and a brush. A great feature is the small turbo brush, which is perfect for vacuuming sofas, chairs, or mattresses.

The mop attachment is a practical helper designed for easy maintenance of all types of hard floors, such as wood, linoleum, tiles, parquet, and laminate flooring. You can choose from three types of microfiber mop fabrics that can be machine washed.

The package includes a 100-240 V (AC) / 32 V (DC) adapter with a rechargeable base that has an integrated storage space for accessories.

Warranty extension

ETA provides a 3-year extended warranty on the engine of this product. Register HERE to get a free warranty.

Technical parameters


Stick and handheld vacuum cleaner with mop 3-in-1 TRIPLE ACTION

  • Combination of a stick vacuum, handheld vacuum, and mop
  • CLICK & CLEAN technology for easy attachment and removal of the mop attachment
  • Maximum cleaning efficiency – vacuums and mops in one stroke
  • Cordless operation -  for up to 50 minutes of runtime on a single charge
  • Mopping attachment capacity of 150 ml = of up to 40 m2 of floors
  • High-quality 25.2V Li-ion battery
  • Electric rotating brush effectively cleans carpets and hard floors
  • Adjustable 2 suction power levels
  • Practical LED lighting of the vacuumed area
  • Battery charging time approx. 4-6 hours
  • Light indication of charging, fully charged, and operation
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Foldable handle and lightweight for easy storage and handling
  • Storage space for accessories (crevice nozzle and brush)
  • Intuitive operation and easy cleaning
  • Modern and elegant design


  • Power supply 100-240 V (AC) / 32 V (DC)
  • Dust container of 0.55L
  • Declared acoustic power level of 83 dB(A) re 1pW


  • Cyclonic filtration system + high-quality HEPA filter captures even the smallest micro particles


  • The rotary electric brush is designed for vacuuming low-pile carpets, parquet, and other hard floors (linoleum, tiles, or floating floors)
  • Mopping attachment – specially designed for easy maintenance of all types of hard floors (wood, linoleum, vinyl, tiles, parquet, floating floors, etc.)
  • 3 types of microfibre mopping fabrics (machine washable)
  1. ALL FLOOR PAD – universal mopping fabric for routine cleaning
  2. FINE PAD – mopping fabric for gentle cleaning of sensitive floors
  3. EFFECTIVE PAD – mopping fabric for coarser dirt
  • Small Turbo Brush – designed for vacuuming upholstered furniture, sofas, and chairs
  • The soft-bristled brush helps when cleaning areas that you need to gently remove dust or cobwebs (on furniture, walls, or pictures)
  • Adapter 100-240 V (AC) / 32 V (DC)
  • Charging base with a practical storage of the vacuum cleaner and accessories

Energy source: cordless (Li-ion)
Hand and stick vacuum cleaner 2in1: Yes
Filter type: cyclonic
The operating time: 50 min
Noise: 83 dB
Wet cleaning: Yes
Volume of dust bag or container: 0,55 l
Nozzle with light: Yes
Battery system: none
For animal hair: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 27.5 cm
Height: 121.5 cm
Depth: 22.0 cm
Weight: 3.78 kg

Size of package:
Width: 34.0 cm
Height: 66.5 cm
Depth: 16.5 cm
Weight: 5.30 kg