Vacuum cleaner rod ETA Sonar Aqua Plus 3232 90000 blue

SKU: ETA323290000
3-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner with mopping function, digital motor, and 25.2V Li-ion battery. SMART DUST SENSOR for automatic power adjustment.
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The extra powerful ETA Sonar Aqua Plus stick vacuum cleaner is here for everyone looking for thorough and yet easy cleaning. Besides vacuuming, it excels at mopping and leaves the entire household beautifully clean. The powerful digital motor ensures strong suction power and long lifespan. With this partner, your cleaning tasks will be effortlessly accomplished for a long time.

ETA Sonar Aqua Plus

Automatically adjusts suction power

The unique SMART DUST SENSOR technology automatically adjusts suction power to the current floor dirt level. The vacuum cleaner will increase suction power when it encounters a larger amount of dirt and decrease it once the dirt is vacuumed. This ensures not only thorough and convenient cleaning but also optimizes energy consumption and saves battery life.

High suction power

ETA Sonar Aqua Plus will truly surprise you with its power. Its suction power reaches up to 125 watts, and you can choose from 6 levels of adjustment. In addition to the automatic mode, you can also manually adjust the suction power according to your preference. Higher power is ideal for vacuuming carpets and larger debris. Lower power will serve you well when vacuuming less dirty hardwood floors and other hard surfaces.

ETA Sonar Aqua Plus
The interchangeable 25.2V Li-ion battery provides up to 40 minutes (at minimum power) of efficient cleaning, depending on the current power level. You can monitor the battery status and power on the clear LED display. If the battery is completely depleted, recharging takes 4-6 hours. The battery is easily removable, and you can purchase a spare if needed.

Dust and dirt go into the dust container with a volume of 0.5 liters. Effective filtration is ensured by 2 high-quality HEPA filters, which collect even the smallest dust particles and dirt.

Cordless efficient cleaning

Enjoy freedom of movemente without cables. Vacuum quickly and precisely wherever needed. ETA Sonar Aqua Plus weights only 3 kg, making vauuming a breeze.

ETA Sonar Aqua Plus

For a truly thorough cleaning, ETA Sonar Aqua Plus is equipped with a large rotating brush designed specifically for vacuuming low-pile carpets, parquet, and hard floors. The gentle brush is very delicate, so you don't have to worry about scratching any floors.

Forget about kneeling every time you want to vacuum under the bed. Thanks to the flexible joint and practical LED lights on the nozzle, you can easily reach even under low furniture.

Mopping Expert

The ETA Sonar Aqua Plus stick vakuum cleans and mops in one go. The mopping attachment is easily filled with water, you dampen the mop fabric, and within moments, your cleaning is done. You can mop with the vacuum on or off. The mop fabrics included in the package can be conveniently washed in the washing machine.

With just a click, you can transform the stick vacuum into a convenient handheld unit. This will come in handy for quick clean-ups after the kids and will also make interior car cleaning easier.

In no time, you can attach a small electric turbo brush to the handheld unit, which is perfect for vacuuming upholstery. It efficiently collects pet hair from every couch, chair, or bed.

Also included in the package is an extra-long crevice tool, SOFT TOUCH, which will assist you in vacuuming narrow and hard-to-reach areas. This allows you to easily clean behind furniture or on higher shelves. The special SOFT TOUCH surface provides a comfortable grip and prevents slipping.

2-in-1 brush with an upholstery nozzle - the brush is ideal for gently removing dust and cobwebs from walls or paintings, while the upholstery nozzle is excellent for vacuuming upholstery and soft cushions.

Always at hand!

The package also includes a practical wall mount with integrated charging function, where you can store the vacuum cleaner after completing the cleaning. There is no need for annoying plugging in of charging cables. Simply place the vacuum cleaner in the wall holder, and charging will start automatically. The vacuum cleaner will always be ready for the next cleaning session.

Easy maintenance

The path to a clean home leads through a clean vacuum cleaner. By performing regular maintenance, you not only maintain high vacuuming efficiency but also ensure that the vacuum cleaner serves you for much longer.

When cleaning turbo brushes and floor nozzles, remove any tangled dirt, hair, or pet fur. Gently tap or blow out the output HEPA filter located at the rear of the handheld unit.

Don't forget about the input HEPA filter, which protects the vacuum cleaner's motor and affects its performance and lifespan. After emptying the dust container, remove the separator, and then the input HEPA filter. Clean all components from dust and gently tap them to remove any debris.

Extended warranty up to 10 years

We believe that the ETA Sonar Aqua Plus will be with you for a really long time. That's why we will extend the warranty on your vacuum cleaner for free for up to 10 years, just register HERE.

Technical parameters


Stick and hand-operated vacuum cleaner with mop 3 in 1 TRIPLE ACTION

  • Mops and vacuums in one step
  • Digital motor with strong suction power and long lifetime
  • High efficiency of vacuuming
  • 6 suction power levels
  • SMART DUST SENSOR – automatically regulates the suction power according to the impurity level, thanks to what saves battery
  • LED display signals the battery status, power and impurity level of the cleaned area
  • Efficient and easily replaceable Li-Ion accumulator 25.2 V
  • Running time up to  25 minutes
  • Practical LED lights for lightening of the vacuumed area
  • Innovative metal tube with flexible joint for difficult to access places (under the furniture, sofa, bed, etc.)
  • 2 quality HEPA filters captures even the smallest microparticles
  • Dust container 0.5 L
  • Mop attachment capacity 0.5 L
  • Charging time 4-6 hours
  • Easy control and maintenance
  • Declared acoustic noise level 82 dB(A) re 1pW


  • Large rotary turbobrush with flexible joint – designed to be used on low hair carpets, parquets, and hard floors (linoleum, tiles, floating floors). Its brush is gentle and prevent floor from scratching.
  • Small electric turbobrush designed for upholstery vacuuming – efficiently captures hair and pet hair
  • Mop attachment - specially designed for all kind of hard floors (wooden, linoleum, vinyl, tiles, parquets, floating floor)
  • 2x mop pad from microfibers (can be washed in the washing machine)
  • Innovative metal tube with flexible joint for difficult to access places – under the furniture, sofa, bed, etc.
  • Extra-long crevice nozzle SOFT TOUCH – suitable for vacuuming narrow and difficult to access places (behind the furniture, etc.). Special SOFT TOUCH surface protects the furniture against scratching.
  • Brush + cushion nozzle 2 in 1 – brush helps with cleaning where you need to gently remove dust or cobwebs (on the furniture, walls, or pictures); cushion nozzle is designed for upholstery vacuuming
  • Practical holder with integrated charging function


  • HEPA filter initial - ETA223200020
  • HEPA filter output - ETA223200040

Energy source: cordless (Li-ion)
Hand and stick vacuum cleaner 2in1: Yes
Filter type: without sachets
The operating time: 40 min
Noise: 82 dB
Wet cleaning: Yes
Volume of dust bag or container: 0,5 l
Nozzle with light: Yes
Battery system: none
For animal hair: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 25.0 cm
Height: 117.0 cm
Depth: 24.5 cm
Weight: 5.02 kg

Size of package:
Width: 68.5 cm
Height: 27.0 cm
Depth: 22.0 cm
Weight: 6.56 kg